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We must act swiftly

After the shameful events in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, it should be clear to one and all that it's time to trot out some "double jeopardy" for President Trump.

"Times a-wastin'," as some cartoon character has said, and in the time before noon on Jan. 20, there's no telling what diabolical, demented mischief Trump might dream up next, so let's encourage another impeachment of this dangerous creature. It should be easy for the Democratically controlled House of Representatives to set the stage, and this time, maybe, just maybe, the Senate can look at the man and his crimes in a new light. Is inciting a riot enough of a "high crime," or at least a "misdemeanor," to do the job and send Trump off early into his long-overdue exile?

Maybe Mitt Romney will have company this time in doing what needs to be done, both for now and for the sake of the historical record.

Since a likely arrest awaits him, chances are he will likely flee the jurisdictions that will be eager to take him into custody, so expect that he will once again be busying himself setting up a "Miss Russia" competition in a land that may also need another golf course, if it even has one now.



And for tomorrow?

Insurrection, coup, and mutiny are all words that I heard "yesterday," but what about "tomorrow"? Will there be charges against anyone tomorrow? What about the guys that broke the windows and climbed through; will there be charges tomorrow against them? And what about the protester that sat in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's chair; will there be charges against him tomorrow?

How can we as a nation save face "tomorrow" with what happened before the world?

Someone needs to be held accountable "tomorrow" for what happened here.


Little Rock

No one else to blame

Immediately following the election of Donald Trump, many of us wept and grieved mightily.

Not because our candidate didn't win ... not really, anyway. No, we grieved because we knew. We knew exactly who and what he is and has always been.

The acts of sedition, terrorism and violence occurring in Washington as I write this are no surprise to anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention.

Trump created this. Trump fairly begged for it to happen. Trump owns this.

And if you still support him, so do you.


Little Rock

And for that, thanks

The people of Kentucky didn't have the good sense or gumption to kick Mitch McConnell to the curb, so the people of Georgia did it for them.


Little Rock

Birthday goody bag

Trump's award of medals is like handing out favors to his friends at a birthday party. He uses no credible criteria and just rewards friend loyalty. This destroys the value of the medal, the process, and the national integrity, and prostitutes the presidency and the people receiving them.


Hot Springs

Party's responsibility

Let us all be clear: The Republican Party created this Frankenstein's monster. It thought it could control him but the reality is that he is a mad man, a coward, a sore loser. Instead of respecting the vote of most of the American people, he incited a riot, and I believe we all know there was no fraud.

What Trump did was add gasoline to the flame. This was a violent and illegal action to seize power. Trump was hiding behind the premise that he is the party of law and order. Let's face it: He has put another black mark on the already struggling identity of the Republican Party. His false claims are numerous, but if you speak lies long enough, some will believe them. This guy claims he believed what Putin told him, but not his intelligence services. This was a slap in the face to the democracy of the U.S.

Trump wanted to be a dictator and is using some of the same tactics as Hitler. I bet he was sitting back in his office watching the fiasco and eating popcorn. Those thugs were just puppets in his play for power. It is evident by their actions, and they showed they drank the Kool-Aid. Let's not forget someone died because of this Trump mess. We all should pray for that person and her family. Of course, our adversaries are having a field day.

Every last one of those people who stormed the Capitol have committed a federal offense. It will be interesting to see how many will be prosecuted. Trump's request to disperse was a bunch of double-talk and increased the risk of violence. America needs to pray for forgiveness and a blessing for a new beginning in 2021.



Never thought I'd see

I experienced Wednesday something I thought I would never see in my lifetime in the United States of America: an attempted coup initiated by a sitting president.

As an American, patriot and veteran who served this country and pledged my allegiance to the Constitution and America, I am ashamed, angry and saddened by these events.

Donald Trump and these treasonous individuals are a boil on the backside of America and democracy, and should be held to account.

Believe me, seeing federal officers having to brandish firearms in protection of the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives is a morbid sight.

Democracy is precious, fragile and a privilege, and does not belong exclusively to one political, religious or activist entity, but to all, and it should be treated as such.

Wednesday's actions concerned me so much that I feel it necessary to share my feelings.

Love you all, and God bless the United States of America.


Little Rock

Remove Trump now

Mr. Pence must immediately start the removal of Donald Trump from office. Two weeks with him leading is too dangerous.


Little Rock


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