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July 15, 2021 at 2:55 a.m.

Editor's note: This letter was originally published 10 years ago today.

A new use for time

A celebrity feels the need to publicly state his sexual orientation, as if the world held its breath awaiting such portentous news. So what. Big deal. Who cares?

Someone posts a video showing someone doing something which someone finds slightly controversial (now there's an overused and abused word) and that upset someone acts like the world has just ended. So what. Big deal. Who cares?

Someone who may or may not be marginally famous says or does something and an immediate reaction is needed, and unfortunately given, by a "news" channel. So what. Big deal. Who cares?

Maybe if the world just slowed down a moment and folks plopped down on a comfy couch with a 16-pound mass of cat fur on their lap, then the need for "So what. Big deal. Who cares?" wouldn't be so great. Either that or fire up the grill and have the biggest, most important, most serious decision of the day be whether it will be honey-mustard pork chops, or sweet and sour chops, or will it be the teriyaki chicken or just go with the brats or ... . You get the idea.


Fort Smith

Print Headline: Flashback


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