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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Obsessed with Dems | How will you protect? | About their priorities

July 20, 2021 at 2:00 a.m.

Obsessed with Dems

Two things: Does Mike Masterson's medical insurance cover his OCD (Obsessive Clinton Disorder)?

Secondly, his brief item about Sarah Sanders in Sunday's paper highlighted the fact that she had raised $4.2 million in the second quarter. He didn't seem too concerned that the majority of that money apparently came from out of state.

I thought he was a investigative reporter. Maybe he is when Democrats and presidents from Arkansas are concerned.


North Little Rock

How will you protect?

To our Arkansas legislators: I am a grandmother of four school-age children in the Rogers and Bentonville school districts. Two of them are in elementary school, below the age of 12, and have not been able to receive covid vaccinations.

During the last legislative session you voted to tie the hands of our state's educators in dealing with this horrible variant and tremendous upsurge in cases and deaths that we haven't seen since last winter. You voted to not allow them to require masks or social distancing in the schools, clearly the things that have proven to at least help decrease the number of cases. Therefore, I ask you, what is your plan now to protect my vulnerable grandchildren who are too young to receive a vaccination? I need to know the specific plan you have to keep them safe and healthy at school. Please don't say "wipe down the desks." We know covid is an airborne disease that is hindered by mask-wearing and social distancing, and, of course, vaccinations. Do you care?

Please respond with your plan.



About their priorities

My, my ... it only took Joe Biden 48 years in Washington, D.C., with eight of those as vice president, to finally realize what Juneteenth means and how important it is to America.

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Maybe it took him so long to come around because it was a Republican, Lincoln, who freed the slaves, and it was the Democrats who pushed a Civil War to maintain Blacks in bondage.

Reminds us of how important immigration reform was to him and Obama during Obama's first two years when they controlled the White House and Senate and House. Oh, just like now in 2021, when Biden and Pelosi and Schumer, Democrats all, cannot seem to find the time to fix immigration.

Seems like, as the press secretary said, they have to spend their time searching Facebook for misinformation, and making sure it is removed.

Sure sounds like the Cuban communists controlling information down there too, doesn't it?


Horseshoe Bend

Perspective skewed

Perspective is often a personal decision. I am currently fighting a disease for which there is no known cure. My cancer is so far "treatable," and I am thankful. But that does not make my dreams easier, my future less questionable or my outlook always hopeful. But I am not a danger to anyone else. The burden of my disease affects others, but it does not threaten their health. You cannot catch my cancer by riding in an elevator with me. Or sitting next to me. And, again, I am thankful.

But covid is different. Your being sick does affect others. And me. Your ability to spread it is very dangerous to me, to your children, parents, siblings and shoppers at the grocery store. Unlike my cancer, there is a way for you and me to prevent covid. I have done my best to protect myself, but also to protect your children under 12, your elderly family members, the folks at the drive-through windows, and you. I got vaccinated. As soon as I could.

What I don't understand is the perspective of those choosing not to get vaccinated. Why on earth do you choose to be a danger to those you love? To yourselves? And how dare you choose to be a danger to me in my fight? My hospital visits are lonely and sad as I am prevented from having a support team. The path to diagnosis was slower than it should have been due to covid restrictions last year.

And most of all, who do you think you are that your perspective is correct? Over 98 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. Who do you think you are that you get to weigh in on my health? Get the darned vaccine!


Little Rock

Message sent by mask

During a recent meal at a popular west Little Rock eatery, a friend and I had a brief conversation about masks during the pandemic. He reminded me, correctly, of the purpose of masks, something I read in a CDC article at the beginning of the pandemic but had forgotten.

My mask only protects you from me. It does not protect me from you. In other words, if I sneeze while wearing a mask, my germs are trapped in my mask and you are protected. If, however, you are not wearing a mask and sneeze near me, my mask does not necessarily stop the airborne germs you have just spewed toward me.

To make it simple, and everything else aside, if I wear a mask I am saying to all around me, "I care about you." What messages are the "no mask" people sending?


Little Rock

It's like a miracle ...

Ever since I registered as a Democrat, John Brummett got a whole lot smarter!



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