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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Delaying of the mail | They're a real threat | Doesn't reflect reality

March 26, 2021 at 3:08 a.m.

Delaying of the mail

I just read that the post office is going to present a solution of saving money with first-class mail delivery in five days instead of three days. I don't know about anyone else, but three-day delivery hasn't happened to me or at the office in a very long time.

Since December 2020, it takes three weeks for a payment to reach my mortgage lender. I received my cable bill on March 17, and it was due March 12. I didn't get mail for 10 days straight when we had the snow. One bill I haven't received in two months. Christmas packages that were mailed the first week in December didn't get to their destination until the week of New Year's.

The post office is going down the drain by its own actions. Who wants to pay late charges for slow mail when they can bank online? I know several packaging places that won't even use the post office for delivery of packages anymore because the delivery time cannot be guaranteed. I'm sure the post office has some very loyal employees that do a really good job. Something needs to be done, but delaying the mail for five days is not the solution.


Little Rock

They're a real threat

What a sweet Arkansas Legislature we have; our very own Taliban. These folks wouldn't recognize a threat to real freedom if it bit them in the face.


Little Rock

Doesn't reflect reality

Reading the Democrat-Gazette's editorial on the covid stimulus relief package gave the impression that schools were just fine and all that extra money for them was just simply a waste and not needed. That belief also matched our illustrious congressional delegation, who unanimously voted against the package.

Last Friday, after Education Secretary Johnny Key released money to 39 districts, we read the true reality. Covid has hit the schools hard and, yes, the money is very much needed. One of the most wealthy districts, Bentonville, even stated that it was getting nervous over funding shortfalls.

So once again, conservative thinking seems to be totally out of step with boots-on-the-ground reality.


North Little Rock

It doesn't make sense

I believe it would take two people to believe that our president is making every effort to control the coronavirus and, at the same time, is handling the invasion on our southern border in a safe and prudent way.

A sane mind cannot accept antithetical positions as truth.


Little Rock


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