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OPINION | LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Racism' distracting

by Special to The Commercial | November 19, 2021 at 2:48 a.m.

Editor, The Commercial:

Say "racism" before Black folks and it will motivate the majority to the ballot box in November 2022. Gentle reader, how can an all-Black committee and Pine Bluff's Black mayor support racism or racist actions?

The wall at the Street Department was the trigger to invoke the word "racism" and terms associated with racism, which became the genesis of an investigation. Further, why keep beating a dead horse if the wall in question is no longer there?

A Black committee investigated the Street Department following the complaint of "racism," and found none. Therefore, this is more about the word "racism" than the act itself.

Why paint the city as having racist policies when none were found? Today, when it comes to riling up Black folk, all one must do is yell out the word "racism." So many groups focus on words while the community is almost in disrepair.

These groups know the word racism will hoodwink and dupe Black folk to get them to support certain candidates in 2022. Look for a flyer with candidates supported by groups in the coming elections.

Gentle reader, I read with interest today how the activist group remains focused on "racism" disregarding Mayor Washington's approval of the all-Black report regarding the Pine Bluff Street Department.

To take a majority of Black folks' eyes off the prize, say racism. This word leaves the real issues on the table while shutting down thought for needed improvements in this community. Many Black folks will become inculcated with the word "racism" because it's now close to the political season.

Rarely have we seen the dog whistles for the issues which make citizens' lives and neighborhoods better. Many neighborhoods have dilapidated houses, open ditches, poor streets, and street lighting, and some city neighborhoods sound like war zones on weekends, etc. Nonetheless, call out the need for improved services that make everyone's quality of life better.

Rev. Jesse C. Turner, executive director,

Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration Inc.


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