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Hatred doesn't help

Each week that passes, I think that things just can't get worse, but then they do. Whatever the issue of the day may be, there first is outrage, then the listings of who to blame and then some typically ridiculous resolution. This is always done with some politically biased language that ends with accusations that the "other" side is making the issue political.

Is anybody out there just sick of this? Is anybody else sick of listening to political rhetoric that has as its mission getting the speaker elected to office and a presumed life of financial ease and great power? I mean, just gag-producing, light-dimming, disgust-generating sick?

Not that it's all about the office-seekers. What about the narrow-minded, one-issue, win-at-all-costs voters?

What has turned my tap this time, you might ask? I had a 4-by-6-inch sticker on the back window of my car that simply said "Fight Hate." Some ignoramus in my neighborhood Kroger parking lot scraped it off while I was inside buying my groceries. Not a neat and tidy scrape, but an ugly assault on a paper sticker. "Fight Hate." Who, with any kind of heart, Christian or otherwise, could disagree with the message of "Fight Hate"?

I harbor no illusions that the putz who did that even reads a newspaper, so I am not speaking to them. I am, however, with my last glimmer of faith in humanity, speaking to you. How does hatred elevate us as a society? Why wouldn't anyone stand behind the message "Fight Hate"?


North Little Rock

He just had to do it

It’s just like John Brummett to blow up a good column with a slap at any Republican politician in the state. His piece on teacher pay kept my attention until he slid off the rails.

Why can’t he stick to the topic without uglifying by adding tripe at the end?


Fort Smith

Return on investment

It boggles the mind that the majority of Arkansas voters, particularly religious fundamentalists, helped elect such a mentally and morally unfit person to be our 45th president.

And it’s equally mystifying that they now appear poised to elect a governor whose only qualification for office is that she once breathed some of the same air as Donald did.

With Arkansas now ranked 48th in overall well-being and education, and 47th in health and income, the last thing we need is to have our state’s business affairs managed by a former political spokesperson.

We need a new governor who will first have the courage to allocate the lion’s share of taxes to those most able to pay. Which suggests relying more heavily on income taxes than on sales taxes.

And secondly, we need someone who will invest a big chunk of that state income to help improve our people’s decision-making ability, end tribal warfare, and consequently elect representatives who will actually represent the will of the people.

What a wonderful return on investment that would be!


Hot Springs Village

Getting people to vote

With respect to the opinion piece by John Brummett titled “Why no action? Voters”: Being involved in gun violence is an extremely real possibility in America. I found the piece jumped from talking about the example of gun violence to the real problem, which is the voters.

I am an ambassador for the Borgen Project, where we work directly with U.S. Congress members to fight for global poverty improvements. Our goal is to mobilize, educate, and build awareness of global issues and innovations in poverty reduction of developing nations. If most Americans do not participate in the primary or midterm elections and wait for the general election to vote, then how do we mobilize others for bigger change in an innovative and engaging way? Is it the entire system and not just voting? It’s impossible to find balanced solutions in such a divisive political climate.



Thoughts at random

Congress authorized a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. At the same time, the United States owes China more than $1 trillion in debt, even more to Japan, and about $5 trillion to a number of other countries. What happens when others decide to no longer pay our bills?

Social media “influencers” frequently make a lot of money by telling other people what to think. Kind of like TV and cable news anchors.

In March of 2021, President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to “border czar” to address the issues of our southern border. Many would like to compliment her for a spectacularly well-done job, but unfortunately, no one can.

A nail technician must complete 600 hours of study, and pay $125 in testing fees before performing their first manicure in Arkansas. After which they must pay a renewal fee to keep their license. A similar permit structure for all elected government officials only seems fair.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown recently signed the “Menstrual Dignity Act.” The act mandates that free tampons and “menstrual pads” be available to all “menstruating students” in elementary, middle, and high school restrooms. Including the boys’ rooms. In the spirit of inclusiveness, those who do not possess a uterus are also protected by the law.

The Washington Post recently awarded three Pinocchios to President Biden for falsely claiming Republicans wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. Two weeks later Mr. Biden repeated the claim. Using Biden’s own words, one might say our president is a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” If your father was as cognitively impaired as President Joe Biden, you would probably take away his driver’s license.


North Little Rock

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