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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Books are important | Trump conclusion | You lifted my spirits

January 20, 2023 at 2:55 a.m.

Books are important

Keep the used bookstore open. What is more important? A lot of us would rather buy used books than new books. Why? We like the author, it has been enjoyed by others, the notes or comments on a page or the cover. Where can you buy Nevil Shute, William Manchester or E.B. White for $3? How about Paul Theroux? All of those on my bookshelves were bought used. I treasure them and reread them over the years.

Books are probably more important in your own life than you realize.


Little Rock

Trump conclusion

Justice is the fair, impartial response to an event or activity, by a judicial system, based on morally sound laws. It protects rights while punishing wrongs. Justice is a form of morality. Donald Trump, it seems, has lived a life of unrestrained immorality. His self-sanctifying personality, his maneuvering through the legal system and escaping justice has become a cancer on our democratic society. The Trump method and style is being adopted by others, and not just in America. Justice now! Show the world that America acts as it preaches.

I believe Donald Trump will be indicted, tried, and convicted of crimes surrounding the insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021. It will be the most colorful and expensive trial in U.S. history. Other Trump crimes will influence but only indirectly affect the outcome. The trial will last weeks. The jury will spend days deliberating. The result will shock no one. Trump must financially pay for all Jan. 6-associated costs which will include reparations for the loss of life and limb, structural, and legal fees. Personally, he will be confined to a secure federal prison.

There will be those in our great nation who will cheer. There will be those in our great nation who will scream in disbelief. Most people will go to work the next day and watch a football game on Saturday.


Hot Springs Village

You lifted my spirits

The sentiments expressed in four of five letters on the Voices page Tuesday made me feel slightly better regarding the direction Sarah Sanders is heading in. Thank you to Jill Eschbacher, Deborah Suttlar, S.E. Sands and Bob Reynolds for speaking up and making me know there are other individuals out there who strive for light over darkness.

I applaud you all. Keep writing in. You lifted my spirits. (I do like goats though.)


North Little Rock

I mean, just ... yikes

Madison Cawthorn. Lauren Boebert. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Matt Gaetz. George Santos. Donald Trump.



Little Rock

About indoctrination

Google's definition of indoctrination is "the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically." This lack of critical thinking is perpetuated in the news, especially when presented in a way that is far less than truthful, has no scientific validity, and is presented from a person/group that people consider to be an authority figure. The indoctrinated follow their leaders blindly and without conscience, even committing terrible acts of violence.

In New Mexico, a MAGA politician who lost an election paid money to have his opponent's house shot in a drive-by. A 10-year-old girl was asleep in the house, having drywall fall on her face in bed. Marjorie Taylor Greene stated that if she would have led the insurrection, the MAGAs would have won the day. She also stated that they would have been armed.

The intolerance and unfortunate ignorance by this indoctrinated MAGA group is not what this country was founded on, but seems to be tolerated by the Republican Party. The MAGA group in the House of Representatives was just chosen for choice positions on committees, further getting into positions of power. The Republican Party is afraid to shut down this group, never denouncing violent rhetoric. We now even have a MAGA governor.

This intolerance of whole groups of people that have different beliefs, different skin color, sexual orientation, etc., sounds a lot like Nazi Germany. Trump just needs to grow a "toothbrush moustache" and find a Eva Braun VP running mate. Mike Pence believed in the Constitution more than Adolf ... I mean Donald.



Litter in Little Rock

OMG, why does our beautiful city continue to be a trash pit? Take a look around along nearly every street and you'll see all kinds of stuff: plastic bags, aluminum cans, ArDOT waste like on Interstate 430, and sometimes in our parks you'll find nasty stuff like used condoms and underwear.

It's almost laughable if it weren't so awful to see how little regard Little Rock citizens have for its beauty. I've been picking up trash weekly for the past 10 years, and the amount of trash each week has only gotten worse, so much so that I am suggesting changing the name of our city to reflect what's actually going on here. "Litter Rock" seems much more appropriate.


Little Rock

The old switcheroo

I think I can improve the Guy Parsons editorial cartoon from Wednesday's Voices page so that it better portrays the truth. Switch the frames and replace the elephant with a donkey. Voila!


Bald Knob

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