Cohesion is vital

Editor, The Commercial:

Your city is currently experiencing some turmoil in its governance and what appears, from The Commercial's accounts, to be a power struggle. I have read this paper for over 25 years. There seems to be a recurrence of that sort of thing. You elect from a slate of candidates a mayor and one or more of the losing ones decides he/she is also the mayor and the dissension begins.

You have had, over the years, members of the city council and the quorum court who seem to expend most of their energy working against the others for their private agenda.

A review of the history of that sort of thing would reveal it as one of several reasons your city finds itself in its present condition. When a city has a well established record of non-cooperation and dissension in its governance, why would any corporation or business, big or small, risk large sums of money to do business there?

In the course of time either a stable, cooperative governance of any city will be managed by its citizens -- or it will ultimately fail. If efforts toward a common goal are not cohesive and steadfast you defeat your purposes.

It pays to get the details straight, the legalities verified and financing agreed upon before the project is begun -- or you can expect the disaster you courted to come to pass.

I hope this letter from an old geezer in his 80s, with no dog in the fight, is helpful since I have nothing to gain.

Karl Hansen,