Pine Bluff letter


To the Veterans

Editor, The Commercial:

Veterans Day gives all Americans the chance to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice exhibited by the men and women that have represented this nation as members of the Armed Services. This year Veterans Day falls on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023.

To the Veterans:

Your defense of our country has enabled Americans to live a life of freedom and equality from generation to generation. It, and you, will never be forgotten -- and you will never be ignored.

On behalf of the City of Pine Bluff and Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services, I can't express enough the gratitude shared by all for your patriotism, dedication and personal sacrifice. It's with the utmost honor and respect that we salute you for protecting, defending, and fighting for what we as Americans treasure the most, freedom.

I would like to especially acknowledge the members of the Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services and other members of our community for their service to this country and their continued service to this community.

Happy Veterans Day, and thank you for your service!

Chief Shauwn Howell,

Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services