Thoughts on letters

The letter in Wednesday's paper by Phillip Peters was excellent. I also don't remember when members of Congress started commuting as opposed to moving. But who would want to live in the city they helped create? I also don't remember when Congress started being treated more as a royal court instead of representatives of the people.

It seems the Senate is now the most expensive old-age group in the world. I wish there was a way to have term limits and replace all 535 of them at once.

We are six months in to the fiscal year, and no budget again. Don't remember when they passed a complete budget before the start of the fiscal year. They don't do their jobs, and just want to be re-elected.

Now on to another letter from Debbie Halbert in last Monday's paper complaining about IDs. Just for your information, people of color have IDs. Here is a short list of what you can't do without one, and people of color and everyone else are doing these things: cash a check, open a bank account, buy insurance, sign up for social welfare programs, buy alcohol, buy tobacco, get on a plane. That is just a short list.

I am tired of the liberals and racists thinking everything is about race. It is not; get over it. The old lies are tiresome and don't help.



Money is somewhere

Before New York starts trying to take over Citizen Trump's various properties and assets to meet his civil penalties, are you really sure he does not have the money?

One of the ways he has accumulated these assets is by never using his own cash. He always borrows. He hates using his own cash. I suspect he has hidden large sums by various nefarious means. Hopefully the authorities will seize his bank accounts at a minimum. But I wonder if he has hidden accounts across the world such as in Switzerland, the Bahamas, etc.

Has he transferred large sums to his children? Any transfers to his wife's family? Has he laundered his cash somehow?

Hit him where it hurts: his pocketbook. Con men come up with all sorts of ways to hide their stash from the taxman and the law. Keep digging, New York. It's bound to be somewhere.



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