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story.lead_photo.caption JAMES OTTO — The Billboard hit-maker with a bluesy, muscular voice and dynamic stage presence, MuzikMafia’s James Otto will perform a free show at SEVEN Bar inside Cherokee Casino at West Siloam Springs, Okla., at 9 p.m. Friday. The “Sunset Man” is known for his single “Just Got Started Lovin’ You,” in addition to co-writing credits with the likes of Jamey Johnson and Zac Brown Band.


TAYLOR PHELAN — Indie-rock artist — and season 7 favorite on NBC’s “The Voice” as part of both Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine’s teams — Taylor Phelan releases his debut EP “1 of 2” on Friday. The singer/songwriter and Dallas native brings his summer tour to Smoke & Barrel Tavern in Fayetteville for a performance with Half An Animal on Friday as well.
THE CATE BROTHERS — Third Saturday Music in the Park at Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs for August features one of Northwest Arkansas’s favorite bands, The Cate Brothers. The duo will bring its country-style rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, soul and funk back to the bandshell in Basin Spring Park at 5 p.m. on Saturday for a free show.

Sara Loethen -- After 5 Bar, Rogers.

Bob Livingston -- 7:30 p.m., Artist Retreat Center, Bella Vista. $15.

Youth Pastor -- 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

GrassFed -- Chelsea's Corner Cafe, Eureka Springs.

Jovan Arellano -- Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

Dale Stokes -- 9 p.m., Emma Ave. Bar & Tap, Springdale.

Opium Western -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Greg Creamer Band -- Foghorn's on W. 15th, Fayetteville.

Whiskey Grin -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

JJ Taylor -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

Toxic Rythms -- 9:30 p.m.; Good Luck Slim at 7; Nace Brothers at 6. George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $10.

Take Cover -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Mike & Grady -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Flat Five -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Mark Shields & Good Co. -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

One For the Money -- Jose's Restaurant & Club, Tontitown.

Loose Change -- Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Old Dime Box -- 6 p.m., La Huerta on Crossover, Fayetteville.

Will Brand -- Levi's Gastrolounge, Rogers.

Dave Bright Band -- Mojo's Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

Vore -- 7 p.m., with Fetal Autopsy, and Twisted Ritual. Nomads Music Lounge, Fayetteville. $5.

Terri & Brett -- 9 p.m., Rowdy Beaver Den, Eureka Springs.

Still on the Hill -- Stage Eighteen, Fayetteville. $10-$15.

The Hoobies -- 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.


Jay Yates -- After 5 Bar, Rogers.

Scammers -- 9 p.m., with Soft Bite, Neon Glittery, and The Phlegms. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5.

Photosphere -- 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

Mountain Sprout -- Chelsea's Corner Cafe, Eureka Springs.

Sied Swipe -- Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

1 Year Anniversary -- with Cameron Johnson, Serpents of Eden, and Dave Smith. Emma Ave. Bar & Tap, Springdale.

Steve Dimmitt & the Overworked & Underpaid -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Coverblind -- Foghorn's on W. 15th, Fayetteville.

The Pool Boys -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Paper Jam Band -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

Chris Cameron -- 7 p.m., The Founders' Room, Alma. $16.

Wick-It The Instigator -- 9 p.m., George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $15.

Lazy Daisy -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

The Odds -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

El Dirte -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Town Cry'R -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

BottleRocket -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

We B Jammin' -- Jose's Restaurant & Club, Tontitown.

Stephen Neeper & the Wild Hearts -- Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Keith Nicholson -- Levi's Gastrolounge, Rogers.

Randall Shreve -- 9 p.m., Meteor Guitar Gallery, Bentonville. $8.

Mary Heather & Erin Detherage -- Mojo's Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

Purple Party -- 8 p.m. with I Am, SHYTVVNS, Thunderman, and Angela Edge. Nomads Music Lounge, Fayetteville. $5 if not wearing purple.

Some Guy Named Robb -- 8 p.m., The Odd Soul, Springdale.

Bob Livingston -- 7 p.m., Ozark Mountain Smokehouse, Fayetteville. $15.

Terri & the Executives -- 8 p.m., Rowdy Beaver on W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs.

Richard Burnett Band -- 9 p.m.; Terri & Brett at 1. Rowdy Beaver Den, Eureka Springs.

RCK x BLK MKT -- Smoke & Barrel Tavern, Fayetteville.

Kevin Upshaw & One Night Stand -- 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.

Isayah's Allstars -- 7 p.m. Allman Brothers tribute, Warren's Rec Room, Alma. $8.


Rastasaurus -- George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville.

Bruce Allen & Guy Ames -- 1 p.m., Terra Studios, Durham.


Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Jovan Arrellanno -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Mattie Neumyer -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Matt Dodd -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Copelin Bates -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.


Sons of Otis Malone -- 7 p.m., 28 Springs, Siloam Springs.

Handmade Moments -- 7 p.m., Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, Fayetteville.

Rick Shaw -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Tony Alvarez -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Chris Bassett -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Jimi Gibbons -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

90 Lb Wrench -- Jose's Restaurant & Club, Tontitown.

Jed Clampit -- 7 p.m., Pesto Cafe, Fayetteville.

Jazz Jam -- with Jake Hertzog Trio. Stage Eighteen, Fayetteville. $5-$10.


Daniel Yates -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Toby Freeman -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Richard Burnett -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Jocko -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

Old Dime Box -- 6 p.m., La Huerta on Crossover, Fayetteville.

Fett's Folly -- Mojo's Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

John Henry -- 8 p.m., The Odd Soul, Springdale.


Clint Scrivner -- After 5 Bar, Rogers.

Kassi Moe -- Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

Rick Atha -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Tom Bryant -- Foghorn's on W. 15th, Fayetteville.

Pinetop Renegade -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Caleb Martin -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

Ray Wylie Hubbard -- 9 p.m., George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $20.

Voxana -- 6 p.m., The Hive, Bentonville.

Aaron Watson -- JJ's Beer Garden and Brewing, Fayetteville.

Will Gunselman -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Brian Mullen -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Jocko -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

RainKings -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Toby Freeman -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

Youth Pastor -- Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Truman Railboys -- Mojo's Pints & Pies, Fayetteville.

Dirty Mugs -- 8 p.m., with ESC, and Chase Chamberlain. Nomads Music Lounge, Fayetteville.

-- Jocelyn Murphy

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