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Saturday, May 30, 2015, 3:32 a.m.
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Philip Martin

Columnist: Philip Martin

Jennifer Christman

Weekend Editor, Columnist: Jennifer Christman

Czech film festival set for Little Rock

posted: 05/29/2015 1:08 p.m. Comment 1

Arkansans will get the chance to experience Czech cinema next week in Little Rock.

Review: By-the-numbers 'San Andreas' teaches 17 universal life lessons

posted: 05/29/2015 1:50 a.m. Comment 1

Rather than sit here and take longer to write a standard review of this middling disaster film from director Brad Peyton than it took Carlton Cuse to write the screenplay, we're instead going to opt for something a little bit different. Here are some of the most important life lessons gleaned from watching it on the big screen.

Fact or fiction in San Andreas?

posted: 05/29/2015 1:49 a.m. Discuss

The San Andreas Fault awakens, unleashing back-to-back jolts that leave a trail of misery from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Skyscrapers crumble. Fires erupt. The letters of the Hollywood sign topple. Tsunami waves swamp the Golden Gate Bridge.

On Film: Movie Man hates the numbers game

posted: 05/29/2015 1:48 a.m. Discuss

Q. Whatever happened to Mr. Big Shot Movie Man? We haven't heard from the old boy in quite some time and I rather enjoyed his occasional drawings back of the curtain to expose the sausage factory-esque workings of the MovieStyle section. What have you done to him? I suspect that he was a little too frank and transparent for the powers what be.

Home Movies

posted: 05/29/2015 1:48 a.m. Discuss

Seventh Son, directed by Sergey Bodrov (PG-13, 102 minutes)

Box Office: Tomorrowland a rickety No. 1

posted: 05/29/2015 1:46 a.m. Discuss

The future doesn't look so bright for Tomorrowland.

Innovative Good Kill director enters drone terrain

posted: 05/29/2015 1:45 a.m. Discuss

Writer-director Andrew Niccol's movies are full of far- out ideas, but they can make for uncomfortable viewing because they can also seem too prescient and real.

Review: Chocolate City

posted: 05/29/2015 1:44 a.m. Discuss

"Y'all seen Magic Mike, right?" Michael Jai White rhetorically asks in the opening scene of Chocolate City. "Now, we gonna add a little chocolate."

Review: Aloha

posted: 05/29/2015 1:43 a.m. Discuss

Cameron Crowe fans -- and that includes most movie critics -- have cut him a lot of slack over the years.


posted: 05/29/2015 1:42 a.m. Discuss

(opening dates are tentative) Entourage, R Based on the HBO series. Movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), together with his boys (Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon), are back in business with super agent-turned-studio-head Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).


posted: 05/29/2015 1:41 a.m. Discuss

New this week Aloha 67 PG-13 A celebrated military contractor (Bradley Cooper) returns to Honolulu, the site of his greatest career triumphs, and while trying to reconnect with a long-ago love (Rachel McAdams) unexpectedly falls for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog (Emma Stone) assigned to him.

Helpful Hints

posted: 05/29/2015 1:40 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: I got a wonderful dresser from a neighbor. We did not smell any cigarette smoke when we received it. We painted it and put the drawers back in. Now all we smell is a musty, yucky cigarette smell. I have used charcoal, vinegar, baking soda, sunlight, dryer sheets and soap. I am desperate. I don't want to get rid of the dresser. Please help!

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 05/29/2015 1:40 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. Your world will grow, but don't worry -- your influence will, too. New projects beckon you in June. Apply what you learned (to prove that you learned it), and you'll have a round of beginner's luck. Making money inspires you to make more in July.

On Christianity

posted: 05/29/2015 1:39 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: If God forgives us, then why can't we seem to forgive ourselves? I've hurt a lot of people over the years, and I'll never stop feeling guilty. I've even stayed away from some people because of what I did to them years ago. Is it ever possible to forgive ourselves?

Super Quiz: Europe

posted: 05/29/2015 1:39 a.m. Discuss

1. Which two wars dominated the first half of the 20th century in Europe?


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