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Saturday, April 30, 2016, 5:42 p.m.
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John Brummett

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Brummett’s career in news began when he was in high school as a part-time reporter for the Arkansas Democrat. He moved to the Arkansas Gazette in 1977. He wrote a political column for the Gazette from 1986 to 1990. He was an editor for Arkansas Times from 1990 to 1992. In 1994, his book, High Wire: From the Back Roads to the Beltway, the Education of Bill Clinton, was published by Hyperion of New York City. He became a columnist with the Democrat-Gazette in 1994. In 2000, he signed a deal with Donrey Media Group, now known as Stephens Media, and wrote for them for 11 years. He rejoined Arkansas Democrat-Gazette as a columnist on Oct. 24, 2011.
You can read his blog at:

Recent Stories by John Brummett

Columnists: JOHN BRUMMETT: Dinner with Michael Poore

posted: 04/28/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 5

At dinner at Cafe Bossa Nova in Little Rock's Hillcrest neighborhood on Tuesday, I handed the man from Bentonville a letter from a Little Rock public school teacher.

COMMENTARY: BRUMMETT ONLINE: Advice from the old guy

posted: 04/27/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 10

The Young Democrats of Arkansas, of which there are some, have graciously invited me to come to their convention Friday afternoon and share my “unique” perspective on their party.

JOHN BRUMMETT: About that veto ...

posted: 04/26/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 2

People out in the public are saying the Legislature acted fraudulently to pass Medicaid expansion last week.

Asa speaks his mind

posted: 04/24/2016 1:51 a.m. Comments 21

Gov. Asa Hutchinson calls Baker Kurrus "the balm of Gilead." It's a biblical reference to a cure-all.

What just happened?

posted: 04/21/2016 2:53 a.m. Comments 7

Editor's note: A version of this column was originally published online-only on Wednesday.


posted: 04/20/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 10

Social media blew up Monday night over Little Rock in outrage at the news of Baker Kurrus’ unceremonious dumping by the Hutchinson administration as superintendent of the city’s public schools.

JOHN BRUMMETT: No unicorn here

posted: 04/19/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 7

Let me tell you what I'm hearing on whether the Hutchinson administration's scheme to pass a bill it would then veto, and thus cleverly save Medicaid expansion from Senate Republican obstruction, is legal.

What an accomplishment

posted: 04/17/2016 2:03 a.m. Comments 8

The Hutchinson administration concocted a very weird way Thursday to do no less than save Medicaid expansion.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Raging against the needy

posted: 04/14/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 21

If the state Legislature should fail in the fiscal session that opened Wednesday to approve a budget to spend Medicaid money in the state--a bizarrely draconian but apparently real possibility--then the issue would begin to ripen for the courts, both federal and state.


posted: 04/13/2016 5:45 a.m. Comments 6

As we enter what might qualify as the head of the stretch, let’s take stock of these still-unsettled presidential nomination races.




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