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Missing 2-year-old's body located in Arkansas; girl is 3rd member of family found dead in days

Friday, April 28, 2017, 6:53 p.m.


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Burger chain Red Robin opening 2 restaurants in central Arkansas

posted: 04/28/2017 2:55 p.m. Comments 2

Colorado-based chain Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is set to open two locations in central Arkansas.

Style: The newest things in kitchen design

posted: 04/28/2017 11:19 a.m. Discuss

At a different time in our country, when it was more popularly accepted that “children should be seen and not heard,” kitchens were to be neither seen nor heard.

MOVIE REVIEW: Down and out waitress meets a quiet character in 'All the Birds Have Flown South'

posted: 04/28/2017 4:30 a.m. Discuss

People make movies for all sorts of reasons -- they might be drawn to the glamour of the profession, they might feel preternaturally moved by the play of dancing light -- and it's not our job to guess their motivations. That said, if I didn't know that Arkansas filmmakers the Miller brothers were beautiful souls I'd be very afraid of them.

ON FILM: Film criticism a rarity

posted: 04/28/2017 4:30 a.m. Discuss

A few years ago, a friend identified me to a young man of his acquaintance as "the guy who writes about movies for the newspaper."


posted: 04/28/2017 1:57 a.m. Discuss

The Circle


posted: 04/28/2017 1:56 a.m. Discuss

Colossal, R A party girl (Anne Hathaway) returns to her hometown with dreams of making a new start, but things go awry when she reconnects with a childhood friend (Jason Sudeikis) who runs a bar -- and apparently she somehow becomes responsible for the gigantic monster rampaging through an Asian capital. With Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson, Dan Stevens, Agam Darshi, Rukiya Bernard; directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

Home Movies

posted: 04/28/2017 1:53 a.m. Discuss

La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle

Commentary: High school drama at Tribeca festival

posted: 04/28/2017 1:52 a.m. Discuss

For many of us, high school is a time we'd just as soon not revisit. Caught as most of us are in the throes of discovering our identities, the missteps are plentiful, often embarrassing, and possibly even shameful, given the clearer perspective of adulthood. We like to think of ourselves as more or less the finished products we (eventually) come to be as adults, but back in the laboratory of our youth, trying to discover our particular chemical combination, most of us were anything but solidified.

Fate holds lead as new films fizzle

posted: 04/28/2017 1:51 a.m. Discuss

LOS ANGELES -- Five new movies arrived in wide release last weekend, and not one managed more than $5.1 million in ticket sales, giving Hollywood fresh evidence that U.S. moviegoing habits are changing rapidly.

Dog Years premiere brings Reynolds out

posted: 04/28/2017 1:50 a.m. Discuss

NEW YORK -- Robert De Niro helped Burt Reynolds onto the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new movie Dog Years Saturday night in New York. It was a rare appearance for the 81-year old actor, who at times struggled to walk.

Review: The Circle

posted: 04/28/2017 1:49 a.m. Discuss

So the future may be shaping up to be just as horrible as the pessimists have been predicting, but with a few unexpected twists. Yes, people will become enslaved, not to governments, but to social media and search engine companies. And yes, people will be watched and monitored, not against their will, but with their permission. They'll just give it all away, freely.

Kurt Russell cool and offbeat -- like song from '72

posted: 04/28/2017 1:46 a.m. Discuss

Kurt Russell can sum up his 55-year acting career in one word: "Brandy." Not the alcoholic beverage. Russell makes his own wine. He's not going to betray his beloved pinot with another drink. No, "Brandy," the 1972 hit song, the one with the parenthetical ("You're a Fine Girl") in the title, the song about the whiskey-and-wine-serving barmaid, a "fine girl," who makes the mistake of falling in love with a sailor whose life and lover and lady is the sea.

Super Quiz: State capital rivers

posted: 04/28/2017 1:46 a.m. Discuss

1. Hudson River

Helpful Hints

posted: 04/28/2017 1:45 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: I'm helping my parents downsize so they can move. How do I help them get started?

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 04/28/2017 1:45 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. It's a year for extending roots, but that doesn't mean you can't also take vacations. In May you'll be offered what you've longed for. You'll follow your loved one into unknown territory and come to love the adventure you share. Excellent news comes in June and a windfall comes in November.






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