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Monday, October 05, 2015, 10:52 p.m.
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Brenda Looper

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Assistant Voices Editor

Assistant Voices Editor

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Reality check

posted: 09/30/2015 3:03 a.m. Comments 3

When I was in high school and college, I was lucky to have history and social studies teachers who truly loved what they were teaching and believed in "warts and all" education--the good and the bad. That meant that blots on our history like Manifest Destiny and slavery would not be ignored, and the effects of jingoism on the understanding of reality couldn't be discounted.

What's the point?

posted: 09/23/2015 2:49 a.m. Discuss

If there's anything consistent in politics, it's that talking points seemingly never die.

No loss for words

posted: 09/16/2015 2:46 a.m. Comments 4

Living in the South, we're blessed with a diversity of language, some of it actually permissible in mixed company. For those who don't understand, well, bless their cotton-pickin' hearts.

The good word

posted: 09/09/2015 2:46 a.m. Comments 2

There's nothing like a good word to put a smile on my face. Persnickety, amok, discombobulated, kerfuffle--they all make me giggle. Maybe it's that storied comedic "k" sound. Maybe it's the imagery that accompanies them. Or maybe it's just because they're fun to say.

Wonder of blunders

posted: 09/02/2015 3:06 a.m. Comments 3

Because of a feline medical emergency, I put the column I was writing for this week on hold; I'd rather not give you something that's not quite soup yet. I offer instead an updated version of this column, originally published March 26, 2014.

Lies don't die: Must be myth-taken

posted: 08/26/2015 4:11 a.m. Discuss

As 2016 (and its attendant nightmare of primary and general elections) nears, those of us who value veracity find ourselves in a bit of a pickle ... and not even the crisp, tasty sort.

That's just silly!

posted: 08/19/2015 3:06 a.m. Discuss

No part of life is exempt from silliness, and a lot of times that's a good thing. Monty Python might not have existed if not for silliness. There'd certainly be no need for channels like Cartoon Network and Comedy Central in a world without silliness.

Trump card played

posted: 08/12/2015 3:01 a.m. Discuss

Can anyone honestly say they're surprised by the most recent Donald Trump fallout?

Crank up the hate

posted: 08/05/2015 2:34 a.m. Comments 10

I am such an awful meanie! At least that's what a few letter-writers seem to think. Well, more that I'm hideously biased and worship the devil.

Wretched refuse

posted: 07/29/2015 2:57 a.m. Comments 2

Politics and politicians have mucked a lot of things up, but most painful to me are truth and words. Truth, as we know, has become malleable and, for the most partisan among us, whatever aligns with their beliefs.



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