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Monday, February 08, 2016, 8:42 a.m.
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Brenda Looper

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Assistant Voices Editor

Assistant Voices Editor

Recent Stories by Brenda Looper

What we love ... to hate: BRENDA LOOPER: Words on words

posted: 02/03/2016 2:51 a.m. Comments 2

Words, words, words! I'm so sick of words I get words all day through First from him, now from you Is that all you blighters can do? --"Show Me," My Fair Lady

BRENDA LOOPER: Crank it up

posted: 01/27/2016 2:47 a.m. Discuss

When snow and ice hit hard and keep me from taking care of what I need to, I tend to get a little cranky (if just at the yowling of the furry one when I won't open the door to the unheated back room). When computer problems at home and work hit, well ... the language gets awfully colorful at times.

BRENDA LOOPER: Woebegone words

posted: 01/20/2016 2:54 a.m. Discuss

In general, the two topics that evoke the most passionate responses on this page tend to be religion and politics ... which just happen to be two topics on which you can almost never sway someone's opinion ... not that it stops people from trying. (C'mon, though, switch up those arguments every once in a while!)

BRENDA LOOPER: Not so appealing

posted: 01/13/2016 3:21 a.m. Comments 18

Around Thanksgiving, I published a column on "begging the question," prompting one commenter to praise my coverage of logical fallacies like that one (aw, thanks, WhoDo!) and me to plan for more such columns. Time and life (not the magazines) intervened, and I forgot about it.

Begone, vile vape!

posted: 01/06/2016 2:54 a.m. Comments 6

So the Lake Superior State University's list of banished words came out the other day, and the most-nominated word people wish to banish "for misuse, overuse and general uselessness" ... is "so."

Clearly defined

posted: 12/30/2015 2:47 a.m. Comments 7

In two days, a new year will be here, and you know what that means.

Holiday hullabaloo

posted: 12/23/2015 2:56 a.m. Comments 7

My memories of Christmas rarely involve presents. Sure, there's my first bike, with training wheels that barely lasted 48 hours because I decided that if my brothers could ride without them, I could too. Amazingly, I only got a few scrapes and bruises out of that. Witness the power of stubbornness.

Keep the partridge

posted: 12/16/2015 2:53 a.m. Discuss

This is the time of year that some news organizations feel the need to tally up what they believe would be the cost of the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas." PNC Wealth Management's annual index this year says one round of those gifts would be $34,130.99, by the way, but we here don't put much stock in that.

BRENDA LOOPER: (Not) what she said

posted: 12/09/2015 2:51 a.m. Comments 2

It should come as no surprise that I'm no fan of partisanship, especially the blind, rabid kind. If that is a surprise, you either haven't been paying attention, or perhaps are in the grips of such partisanship.

BRENDA LOOPER: A dose of caution

posted: 12/02/2015 2:53 a.m. Comments 5

I was planning a different column for today, but the Colorado Springs shooting on Friday has prompted me to take on something far more serious.



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