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Monday, January 26, 2015, 7:08 p.m.
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Table for two and a tot

posted: 01/21/2015 1:52 a.m. Discuss

I remember so vividly the first time my wife and I took our baby daughter to dinner at a restaurant, because nothing happened.

Creature Feature

posted: 01/21/2015 1:51 a.m. Discuss

My dog loves her crate and will take naps in it. My sister has a cat and bought a crate so she could put her cat in it for trips to the vet, but she hasn't had any luck getting Mimsy to use it. Mimsy is a smart cat and I told my sister I think cats can be crate-trained, but I don't know how to go about it. Any ideas?

SHARON RANDALL: Nana's toughest job? Waiting

posted: 01/21/2015 1:50 a.m. Discuss

Nana duty is not for sissies. It requires you to do things you once did as a mother: feeding, tending and cleaning up after little people who seem to think they own your soul simply because, for some reason, you love them more than life.

Parenting: Monthly $100 a lesson in freedom, responsibility

posted: 01/21/2015 1:50 a.m. Discuss

Teenagers are highly motivated by any opportunity to expand their freedom. More freedom is, in fact, THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL MOTIVATORS for teens. I wouldn't have put it in capitals if it wasn't.


posted: 01/21/2015 1:50 a.m. Discuss

DEAR JEANNE & LEONARD: I'm a certified public accountant, and every year I prepare my siblings' and their spouses' tax returns. I don't charge them for the work I do, even though some of their returns are complicated and the paperwork they provide me with often is a mess. While I'm OK with preparing returns for my two siblings who don't earn much, I don't see why I should be preparing them for the one who in recent years has been making tons of money. Shouldn't she and her husband at least be offering to pay me?


posted: 01/21/2015 1:49 a.m. Discuss

Q My ex-husband has asked to have our four kids on an overnight that should be during the weekend they spend with me. I have agreed because he has done the same for me. He has told me that during this time that he and his new much-younger girlfriend are planning on hosting our 6-year-old's soccer team party. Since we both attend the games, many of the team mothers, who are my friends, have asked if I will be attending. It appears they have received formal invitations, and I have not. I don't want to put my kids in the middle of what may be an uncomfortable situation. What is the proper ex-etiquette in this situation?

Eating out, family style

posted: 01/20/2015 11:03 a.m. Comment 1

When it comes to the issue of kids in restaurants, Ian Froeb considers himself a bit of an expert. As a parent (of a 15-month-old) and a professional restaurant critic, he has been there, done that.

Crimes of persuasion

posted: 01/14/2015 2 a.m. Discuss

The most recent Christmas scamming season might have passed, but many scams operate year-round and target a wide range of potential victims, says the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas.

Creature Feature

posted: 01/14/2015 1:57 a.m. Discuss

I saw something on Animal Planet about dogs wearing braces on their teeth. I just saw the end of the show so I missed almost all of the story. Why would a dog even need braces?

Sharon Randall: Many thanks, lovingly noted

posted: 01/14/2015 1:53 a.m. Discuss

Some people are good at saying thank you. My daughter and daughter-in-law and my husband's niece, for example.

Parenting: Diagnosis of extravagant parents: Just plain nuts

posted: 01/14/2015 1:53 a.m. Discuss

A reader writes that her friends "recently spent around $300 on their daughter's birthday party -- her first. They bought lots of stuff to entertain their young guests and extended family. The child, a baby, obviously had no clue what was going on. I should mention that the parents are struggling to make ends meet." She asks for my take on this.


posted: 01/14/2015 1:49 a.m. Discuss

DEAR JEANNE & LEONARD: When my husband died last year, I inherited his fourth of a piece of property that he owned with his siblings. I, in turn, gave the land to our son. Now my husband's siblings have decided to sell the property. This will involve significant legal fees, and they're insisting that those fees be paid exclusively out of my son's share of the proceeds. Of course, we'll fight them on this, as I'm sure you two would advise us to do. My question is more philosophic: What is it about death that brings out the worst in people?


posted: 01/14/2015 1:49 a.m. Discuss

Q My ex and I have been divorced for a year, but she is completely inflexible when it comes to occasionally changing our visitation schedule. There are times when I would like to take my son to a baseball game, but if the game does not fall on my scheduled visitation day, we are out of luck. Give me some tips to approach my ex so that I can spend some quality time doing the things my son and I enjoy.

Protecting the elderly from scams

posted: 01/13/2015 11 a.m. Discuss

The most recent Christmas scamming season might have passed, but many scams are year-round and target a wide range of potential victims, says the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas.


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