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Sunday, April 20, 2014, 4:17 p.m.
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Annual challenge

posted: 04/19/2014 2:42 a.m. Discuss

Who isn’t anxious to get new color into the garden after the abysmal winter we had? But visiting garden centers can be stressful because there are so many great plants out there — and only so much space to fill at home.

In the garden

posted: 04/19/2014 2:39 a.m. Discuss

Q We have two sago palms, and I am afraid the harsh winter here in Magnolia has gotten the best of them. Can the palms be cut back to salvage them? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Ask the expert

posted: 04/19/2014 2:38 a.m. Discuss

I want to get the longest life possible from my washing machine, which is heavily used by my large family. What kind of tips or advice can you offer to help keep it up and running smoothly?

Personal space

posted: 04/19/2014 2:38 a.m. Discuss

Kelly Browe Olson Where I live: I live in Westover Heights, which is near Cammack Village in Little Rock, with my daughter, Katharine, and our dog, Wrigley.

Tools & toys

posted: 04/19/2014 2:35 a.m. Discuss

Briggs & Stratton lawn mower tune-up kits What’s to love: Tuning up your lawn mower engine helps extend its life and can reduce engine emissions.

OTUS THE HEAD CAT: Seasonal slime alarms Badger State transplants

posted: 04/19/2014 2:31 a.m. Discuss

Dear Otus, My husband and I retired to the Village last November, so this is our first spring here. We had such a cold winter that it reminded us of back home in Wisconsin. But during the recent warmer weather, our entire house was covered with a quarter inch of sticky greenish-yellow goo.


posted: 04/19/2014 2:29 a.m. Discuss

DEAR TOM AND RAY: What would make a transmission line blow out? — Tamerlyn TOM: Sorry, Tamerlyn. I take it you’ve had a catastrophic event in your life recently.

ORDER IN THE HOUSE: Take time to properly clean, store winter gear

posted: 04/19/2014 2:28 a.m. Discuss

The long winter is over, and it’s finally time to put away the sweaters, down jackets, wool mittens and flannel sheets. Although it’s tempting to toss everything into a bin and deal with it in nine months, try to resist the quick fix and take some time to put the gear away properly.

Flea market finds can elevate a home’s charm

posted: 04/19/2014 2:23 a.m. Discuss

The arrival of spring means that flea markets are reopening for business around the country. Shoppers will hunt for treasures amid acres of used goods.


posted: 04/19/2014 2:20 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. You’ll compare yourself with others only to the extent that it helps you maintain a competitive edge. You’ll strike an admirable balance between love and work.


posted: 04/19/2014 2:20 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: In the past year, I have remodeled my kitchen and both bathrooms. My house is about 40 years old. Much to my surprise, all the hot- and cold-water shut-off valves, including both toilets, were so tight that I had to use channel locks to break them loose in order to shut them off.


posted: 04/19/2014 2:20 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: Was Jesus really dead when they took Him down from the cross? I have a hard time believing that, because everyone knows that dead people just don’t come back to life — which is what you Christians claim Jesus did, don’t you? — C.T.

Super Quiz: Plays

posted: 04/19/2014 2:19 a.m. Discuss

1. Arms and the ———; G.B.S. 2. Barefoot in the ———; N.S. 3. Blithe ———; N.C. 4. Cat on a Hot Tin ———; T.W.

HomeStyle: Top 10 annual plants for quick summer color

posted: 04/18/2014 11:07 a.m. Discuss

Who isn’t anxious to get new color into the garden after the abysmal winter we had, asks Janet Carson in HomeStyle.

Workout in the garden

posted: 04/14/2014 2:29 a.m. Discuss

Gardens, as Rudyard Kipling said, “are not made by singing, ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” All those neat rows of flowers and vegetables require, well — gardening, and gardening is work. But does gardening count as exercise ?


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