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Thursday, March 30, 2017, 2:43 a.m.


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Drivetime Mahatma by Frank Fellone
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A weekly column about Arkansas drivers and the roads they traverse.
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Drivetime Mahatma: Shoeless? Driving not forbidden in Arkansas

posted: 03/25/2017 4:30 a.m. Comment 1

Hey: Now that the weather has warmed, the question has arisen. Is it legal to drive without shoes? -- Nancy

Drivetime Mahatma: New Broadway Bridge said to lack lane barrier

updated: 03/20/2017 4:30 a.m. Comment 1

Dear Mahatma: Hoow-raah for the new Broadway Bridge. However, I think a mistake was made in not adding a center barrier between north and south lanes. I foresee many head-on accidents and blockages, especially in rain, sleet and snow. Hope the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department gets this thought. -- Jim

Drivetime Mahatma: Driver says lights favor driveways

posted: 03/11/2017 2:31 a.m. Comments 2

Dear Mahatma: Recently there was utility work on North Rodney Parham Road. Traffic lanes and lights had to be altered to accommodate one lane traffic. That work has been finished for some time, but the traffic lights seem to be off-kilter. The light at Rodney Parham and Pleasant Forest seems to be on a timer rather than sensors. Some computer setting, I guess. The light at Rodney Parham and the entrances to Windstream/Christ the King Church seem to be set to favor the two driveways, not Rodney Parham Road. Very frustrating to be stopped on Rodney Parham when there is no vehicle in either driveway. Whom do we contact? -- Cynthia

Drivetime Mahatma: At Cantrell and I-430, redo nears

posted: 03/04/2017 4:30 a.m. Discuss

Seer of All Things Traffic: As we near the finishing touches on the Broadway Bridge and await the 30 Crossing, there are two projects along Interstate 430 that seem to be lost. At Cantrell Road and I-430 there is supposed to be a new northbound on-ramp from westbound Cantrell. And what about that major rework of that whole interchange from Pleasant Valley Drive to Rodney Parham Road? Will those of us in the baby-boomer generation ever see these projects completed? -- Waiting in Traffic

Drivetime Mahatma: Span near; cloud over drive to lift

posted: 02/25/2017 2:46 a.m. Comment 1

Nothing is constant but change. -- The poet

Drivetime Mahatma: Repairing fried signal falls to city

posted: 02/18/2017 2:53 a.m. Discuss

Hey: The traffic signal at Maumelle Boulevard and Odom Boulevard South is out. I called the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. They said it was the city's problem. I called the city, and the person who answered the phone said it was the Highway Department's problem. I figured this is something you can address. -- Joe

Drivetime Mahatma: Sand flying off pickup ticketable

posted: 02/11/2017 2:39 a.m. Discuss

Dear Mahatma: I was on Interstate 30 the other day and got behind some chump in a pickup. He was hauling a trailer, and sand was blowing out that thing all over my nice car. Isn't that illegal? -- Two out of Three

Drivetime Mahatma: Bicycle clog ahead: Pass by the rules

posted: 02/04/2017 3:34 a.m. Discuss

O Diligent Researcher: Driving on Arkansas 9 south of Paron on Saturday I came upon a gaggle of bike riders blocking the road at 25 mph. As the vehicles behind started to increase, the patience quickly decreased. For whatever reason two cars directly behind the group made no attempt to pass. This led to dangerous passing on a hilly, turning highway with few passing zones. Can you shed some light on the legalities? -- Want to Live.

Drivetime Mahatma: Dear cynic: State raised speed limit

posted: 01/28/2017 3:52 a.m. Discuss

Dear Mahatma: The posted speed limit on U.S. 165 in Allport, in Lonoke County, was 45 mph. Now those signs are gone. What would the speed limit be in that area now? Could this be a speed trap in the making? -- Mike

Drivetime Mahatma: Yes, really, those signs mean stop

posted: 01/21/2017 3:20 a.m. Discuss

Dear Mahatma: Can you tell me why the city places those red, eight-sided road signs in west Little Rock? It has something to do with traffic. Where do drivers go to find out what they are good for? -- Ciao, Baby

DRIVETIME MAHATMA: Light shed on gloom at junction

posted: 01/14/2017 2:36 a.m. Comment 1

Dear Mahatma: How come the lights at the Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 interchange are never turned on at night? It sure is dark, and there’s always a ton of traffic. — Let There Be Light

Drivetime Mahatma: Big Rock's bottleneck to get fixed

posted: 01/07/2017 2:24 a.m. Comments 2

Dear Mahatma: Are there plans to fix the Big Mess at the Big Rock Interchange? By mess I mean congestion going east in the morning around Barrow Road. -- Eastbound and Down

DRIVETIME: Gotta go? You should be able to

posted: 12/31/2016 5:45 a.m. Discuss

Dear Young Fellow: Are gas stations required to provide a restroom for use by the traveling public? What do the ACLU, NAACP, NCAA, AARP or state Legislature have to say? Not good to pull off the interstate for a tank of gas, pile in for snacks and Slurpees and be denied use of a toilet. -- Holding It.

Drivetime Mahatma: Drivetime Mahatma: How fast is too fast in fast lane

posted: 12/24/2016 5:36 a.m. Comments 8

Yo: Suppose you are on an interstate, driving the speed limit in the outside lane. You come up to slower traffic and move to the inside lane to pass. A giant pickup gets right on your tail. A long line of speedy devils is behind the pickup. You are required to get out of the way. How fast can I go to do that without getting a speeding ticket? The cops always nail the lead driver. -- Jack

Drivetime Mahatma: Driver says sight bad at Vimy, I-30

posted: 12/17/2016 2:39 a.m. Discuss

Mr. Mahatma: At the Vimy Ridge Road intersection with the north service road on Interstate 30, there is limited sight distance because of foliage and the curvature of the frontage road. Can the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department clear out all the trees and undergrowth to improve visibility at this much traveled intersection? -- Bobby






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