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Sunday, July 22, 2018, 6:44 p.m.


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Youth unit told to scrap restraint, taped helmet

The state Youth Services Division has directed the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center to stop restraining children in a manner that the state says is "potentially dangerous" and "exposes the youth to ridicule and humiliation," according to records obtained Wednesday.

A brash decision, a fateful turn

BIG BEND RANCH STATE PARK, Texas -- Crouched on trembling legs beside a stubby mesquite tree, I tried to steady my voice.

New provider of medical services at Arkansas youth lockups named in past lawsuits

A Tennessee-based health care provider for Arkansas' adult prisoners is supplying medical, dental and mental health services to children detained at state-run youth lockups starting this month.

Hardy developer facing $3 million in penalties

Former Hardy land developer Wayne Watkins faces $3 million in civil penalties as a result of a judgment rendered in a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Dustin Mc-Daniel in 2008 over claims that Watkins swindled thousands of dollars from buyers in a failed land deal on the Spring River.

Boom to bust

In 1999, the Tunbridge Wells subdivision in west Bentonville had been given up for dead. Three years earlier, the original developer declared bankruptcy.

Harvey's floodwaters mix a foul brew of sewage, chemicals

Harvey's filthy floodwaters pose significant dangers to human safety and the environment even after water levels drop far enough that Southeast Texas residents no longer fear for their lives, according to experts.

Razorbacks Football: Quick-strike D can take bow

Arkansas’ offensive players were its headliners this season, but it was the Razorbacks’ no-name defense that got the Hogs a 20-17 victory over East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl on Saturday.

Suspect in girl’s 1982 killing tells police dead uncle did it

The only living suspect in the 1982 death of 12-year-old Carmeletta Green has told Little Rock police that he believes his late uncle killed the girl and dumped her body in the woods.

Suspect: In 2006, fatally shot man

In his fifth letter to the court, filed Monday, confessed soldier killer Abdulhakim Muhammad claims to have gunned down a man in Nashville, Tenn., several years ago, but provides almost no details of the purported slaying.

Long Time Gone: Modern tools, hope for old cases

Bonnie Taylor, now Carpenter, was 7 when the woman she knew as her mother disappeared in 1967.

Five Alamo properties fetch $78,000 at auction

TEXARKANA -- Five properties formerly owned by Tony Alamo have been auctioned off to partially satisfy a civil judgment against the imprisoned evangelist.

Federal court hears appeal in doctor bombing case

A federal appeals court is expected to hear oral arguments Wednesday in the case of a doctor convicted in a 2009 bombing that nearly killed the head of the Arkansas State Medical Board.

875th engineers prepare to blast Afghan bombs

The soldiers took a break from the blazing heat Friday, shucking off helmets as they leaned against the pavilion's tall wooden tables piled high with hundreds of pounds of explosives.

LR forms team to investigate visitors bureau

Little Rock leaders appointed a team of City Hall lawyers and financial advisers Thursday to investigate the city's troubled Convention and Visitors Bureau.

For street racers, loyalty optional

In the world of street racing, loyalty extends only to the living, police officers and prosecutors say.

Mississippi Heartache

MISSISSIPPI COAST - The silence here is primitive, the silence of a thousand years ago, the civilized silence before civilization intruded.

Evil at the door

He could see his 13-year-old prey framed in the living-room windows - cozy in her favorite nightclothes and typing speedily at the family computer on this rainy, 39-degree December night.

Former chief living in house at Conway center moves out

Bob Clark, former superintendent of the Conway Human Development Center, has moved off the center grounds.

Pain and Promise: Kids in storage -- can the state break the pattern?

At 13, Charles still couldn't pass first grade. He couldn't define "cow." Or "donkey." He couldn't tell time. His speech defect was so severe that he was nearly impossible to understand. When teased by other children, he cried hysterically.

A SURVIVOR'S STORY: 'And by the way, I was in a plane crash'

American Airlines Flight 1420 crashed off the runway at Little Rock National Airport the late night of June 1, 1999. The pilot and 10 other people died. Carla Koen was among the wreck's 134 survivors.

State scurries to remove residents from three centers

Amid tense discussions and legal confusion, the state scrambled Thursday to remove residents from three residential-care facilities accused of multiple health and safety violations.

Fill-in gave to Clinton, will recuse

A member of the Arkansas Supreme Court Alternate Committee on Professional Conduct who contributed $1,500 to President Clinton's presidential campaigns has recused from a review of ethics complaints that seek to revoke Clinton's law license.

A laundry list of problems

A security audit of the state-run Central Arkansas Observation and Assessment Center for juvenile delinquents raises serious concerns about health and safety, as well as the attitude of the staff.

Shooter, 13, to seek rehearing on high court's insanity ruling

The attorney for Andrew Golden, the younger of two boys who killed four students and a teacher at Westside Middle School near Jonesboro two years ago, still wants his client to be allowed to argue that he was insane. So, he plans to ask the Arkansas Supreme Court to reconsider Thursday's ruling that denied him ...

Crowd: Justice not served in 1993 killings

Supporters of the three men convicted of killing three boys in West Memphis in 1993 gathered Tuesday on the state Capitol steps and called for officials to reopen the investigation into the slayings.






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