Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu September 29, 2016
PHOTO BY: Tammy Keith

Members of the disaster-early-response team at Perryville United Methodist Church got busy when they saw the need in flooded Louisiana.

Helping Louisiana

Perryville church team prepares flood buckets

Members of the disaster-early-response team at Perryville United Methodist Church got busy when they saw the need in flooded Louisiana. Ida Rose, team leader, said the Perryville church is sending 100 cleaning buckets full of supplies to the area. “It’s so awesome; we’re so proud,” she said. Catastrophic flooding in parts of southern Louisiana in August killed more than a dozen people and damaged thousands of homes. Louisiana Gov. John ... READ MORE


    Friend finds free food tastes best

    I don’t know anyone who loves free stuff more than one of my new acquaintances — specifically food. He is the guy standing in line when a new restaurant opens and gives the first 100 people coupons for a year of free food. He got free pizza for a year at a fast-food joint when it opened in Conway three years ago. He’s still mad that he overslept last year and missed “by three or four minutes,” he said, free food for a year at a chicken ... READ MORE


    Hendrix professor, conductor wants to grow program

    Despite a halfhearted attempt to resist it, Gretchen Renshaw of Conway dances to the same beat as her musical family. Renshaw, 27, is conductor of the Hendrix College Wind Ensemble and director of the new pep band, and teaches classes in the music department and is a low-brass instructor. The Middleburg, Pennsylvania, native’s parents were music educators. Her mother was a choir director at Renshaw’s high school for 35 years; her father... READ MORE


    September striper fishing is hot

    The water on Lake Ouachita was calm on that September morning, so my son Matt, my friend Bobby Graves and I had no difficulty seeing big schools of shad churning the surface in several locations. One fountain of baitfish gushed topside 50 yards to the starboard. The school of fish exploded in every direction like silvery shrapnel. Something swirled beneath the baitfish, something large. Then more shad broke the surface to our left, and ... READ MORE


    Retro appetizer proves everything old is new again

    It always interests me to hear people talk about the latest food trends. While my team of chefs and I do keep our eyes, ears and mouths open for exciting new things, I also try to remember the truth to be found in the word “trend” itself. It comes from an old German word meaning “to turn or revolve,” which reminds us that trends are cyclical. So not only will what is new today become old tomorrow, but also old things can suddenly seem n... READ MORE



    Sept. 25 – Oct. 1 10th Annual ArtsFest CONWAY — ArtsFest, Conway’s citywide celebration of the arts, will mark its 10th anniversary with this year’s festival, which continues through Saturday at locations throughout the city. ArtsFest is planned and presented by the Conway Alliance for the Arts. Events, which are free and family-friendly, include visual arts, dance, music, creative writing, film, theater and more. For a complete schedu... READ MORE