Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun July 31, 2016
PHOTO BY: William Harvey

Julia Everett, left, executive assistant for the Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce, and Alicia Gillen, executive director, stand together as they prepare for the first Bash on the Boulevard, scheduled for noon to 10 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Town Centre.

New festival

Bash on the Boulevard set for Sept. 10

Alicia Gillen, executive director of the Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce, said some residents have forgotten they live in a small town. She wants to remind them by throwing a party. Bash on the Boulevard is scheduled from noon to 10 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Town Centre parking lot, 115 Audubon Drive. The shopping center is parallel to Maumelle Boulevard. “I’m really excited. This is the first festival the chamber is going to be putting on... READ MORE


The Housekeeper to debut at The Lantern Theatre

CONWAY — Just two characters will take the stage in the Conway Community Arts Association’s next production at The Lantern Theatre in downtown Conway. Those characters — Manley Carstairs and Annie Dankworth — will come to life in The Housekeeper, by James Prideaux.


    Getting good stories at garage sale

    If you ever want to meet interesting people from all walks of life, just have a garage sale. Last week, I wrote my column prior to having a big sale and predicted it would be successful. It was. Not enough that I’m moving to Hawaii anytime soon, but I bought new tires for my vehicle and have some money left over. As I also predicted, I saw people I’ve known for years, especially from back when I was addicted to going to garage sales — a... READ MORE


    Man makes career of tending for others

    Rick Henry of Conway has a deep, soothing voice that exudes empathy, and he’s had more than one person in his life comment on the sound of it. “It’s not trained; it’s not staged — it’s me,” he said. His voice matches his caretaker personality, which led him to become a nurse in the 1970s — just before he started his longtime career as a funeral director. The 61-year-old Henry, preplanning consultant for Roller-McNutt Funeral Home in Gre... READ MORE


    The unusual, mysterious American eel

    I recently watched a man fishing in the Arkansas River at Little Rock who caught an American eel. When he set the hook, the angler was pleased with the reaction. The fish surged away, stripping line against the drag. The man grunted and cranked, smiling all the while. When the 2 1/2-foot fish was finally beached, the man’s demeanor abruptly changed. I doubt he could have been more horror-stricken had he landed a 20-foot anaconda. He dro... READ MORE


    No secrets to making Italian meatballs

    Though you could hardly label me an Italian chef with a name like Wolfgang Puck, I can’t deny that some of my early fame was sparked by the gourmet California-style pizzas I began serving when I opened my first Spago back in 1982. Still, it surprises me even today when guests sing the praises of a recipe I never could have imagined would be associated with me. That recipe? Meatballs! It wasn’t a very big leap, I must admit, to offering ... READ MORE



    Aug. 2 Maumelle Photo Club Meeting MAUMELLE — The Maumelle Photo Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Maumelle Library. Each month, the club displays photos at the library based upon a theme. The theme for August is Insects. For October, Library patrons will choose the theme by voting for one of four options: Exploring Arkansas; Fire and Flame; Weathering the Seasons; and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A sheet is available at the librar... READ MORE