Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun January 25, 2015
PHOTO BY: Eilish Palmer

Andy Pennington, left, assistant principal at Vilonia Primary School, and Vilonia Superintendent David Stephens stand in front of the intermediate school under construction on Mount Olive Road. Pennington will be the principal of the school when it opens in fall 2015. The $13 million school had to be rebuilt after it was destroyed by a tornado in April, and Stephens said the school should be completed in June. The district will apply for a grant in hopes of building a separate safe room.

Rising again

Vilonia school ahead of schedule; safe-room grant sought

Construction of the approximately $13 million intermediate school in Vilonia is a week ahead of where it was before a tornado destroyed the school in April, Superintendent David Stephens said. The intermediate school, which will be named for longtime former superintendent Frank Mitchell of Vilonia, was close to being finished on Mount Olive Road when the April tornado tore through the area. The storm killed 13 people in Faulkner County ... READ MORE


    Family’s dog loves football

    [Editor’s note: The following column originally ran in 2008, but with all the talk about football, she wanted to get in on the action with a nod to the sport this week, even though it’s just through her dog’s name.] Ask and you shall receive — a dog. The day my last column came out talking about pet names and my growing desire to have a dog — a little, bitty one — there was a knock at my door after supper. It was a neighbor who had been... READ MORE


    Former NFL player back in Conway to ‘build community’

    Nothing about 50-year-old Gregory Lasker’s appearance shouts former NFL player, but someone in the Conway restaurant overheard that Lasker had brought his Super Bowl ring. “I couldn’t help but overhear,” said a young man named Daniel, who had gotten up from his booth to look. Lasker showed him the ring, nestled in blue velvet inside the special wooden box, the words World Champions and New York Giants engraved on the lid. “Wow! Super co... READ MORE


    Hunter finds happiness in ‘out-of-the-way haven’

    I met him in the winter of 1987. “Let’s get together this weekend and go rabbit hunting,” my friend Lewis said. “One of my clients invited us. Sounds like he has some good dogs. Says they had a good hunt yesterday.” So it was that two days later, Lewis introduced us — The Rabbit Man and me. He had no pretensions about him. “Nice meetin’ ya,” The Rabbit Man said, extending a callused hand. “Now, if we’re done with the pleasantries, maybe... READ MORE


    Stir-fry lean beef, winter fruit for a light, bright main dish

    As all the fun and excitement of the holiday season begin to fade, January can seem like a bleak month. Not only can the cold weather and long, dark nights make you feel like you’re under siege, but the challenges of sticking to tough New Year’s resolutions — like those to eat more healthfully and drop a few pounds — can quite literally weigh you down. So now is the moment to aim for more fun with your healthy cooking. The recipe I shar... READ MORE



    Jan. 25-30 Library Art Exhibit CONWAY — The Faulkner County Library is hosting the public art exhibit And Then, I: Monuments to Pivotal Moments. The exhibit features installations of ceramic and figurative sculptures by Barbara Satterfield of Conway. Each set of figures creates a portrait of a turning point in time experienced by a group of women. There will be a special meet-the-artist event at 2 p.m. today. The exhibit will be on vie... READ MORE