Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun November 29, 2015
PHOTO BY: William Harvey

Dr. James Carter gives a checkup to Martha Paine at the River Valley Christian Clinic in Dardanelle. The health clinic, which opened in January 2007, offers free medical, optical and dental services provided by doctors who volunteer their time. Carter serves as the clinic’s medical director. More physicians are needed to volunteer, the clinic administrator said.

Community cares

Christian Clinic offers free services; doctors needed

Paula Margison of Atkins said she would never be able to afford her diabetes medication if it weren’t for the River Valley Christian Clinic in Dardanelle. “I would be in deep, serious trouble. I use four bottles of insulin a month. The last time I had to buy a bottle of one of them, it was like $170-something. There’s just no way,” she said. The River Valley Christian Clinic provides free medical, dental and optical services to more tha... READ MORE


A Tuna Christmas offers ‘fun and frivolity’

CONWAY — It’s been a few years since the Conway Community Arts Association presented Greater Tuna, but those who saw that show in 2007 are sure to remember some of the wacky and wonderful characters that numbered about 20.


    Giving begins with looking in the mirror

    Forgive me for talking about food for the second week in a row, but it’s on my mind. As I write this, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I left for work this morning with my husband in the kitchen getting ready to make cornbread for the dressing. Our menu also includes a big turkey, mashed potatoes, fruit salad and who knows what else. Plus appetizers. I’ve requested a certain cheese ball that I’ve become addicted to. I’ll make pumpk... READ MORE


    New UCA director of campus recreation brings experience

    The University of Central Arkansas’ new director of campus recreation, Richard Hammond, seems to be a real team player. He’s only been in his office since Nov. 2, and he has a photo of his four children — purposely dressed in UCA purple — displayed on his desk. Hammond, sitting in his office with purple carpet and bear artwork on the walls, said he’s transitioning from his red-and-black clothes representing the Blazers at Valdosta State... READ MORE


    Tips for hunting Arkansas’ late-season Canada geese

    We waited in the harvested corn field, scanning the morning sky. All was quiet for many minutes; then in the distance, we heard the first melodic strains of flying geese. I could soon make out the birds floating in the tangerine sunrise. Adrenaline stirred my senses. They were coming our way. The calls of the Canada geese grew in volume. We could tell there were 20 or more coming toward us in a V-shaped wedge, but the flock broke up. So... READ MORE


    Austrian-style crepes for holiday breakfast or dessert

    Whenever I think of special occasions from my childhood, one of the dishes that always comes to mind is the palatschinken, literally “pancakes with filling” in the Austrian dialect, that my mother or grandmother made as a special dessert or even a breakfast dish for my sisters, brother and me. Of course, the time of year during which I ate my largest share of them seemed to be during the holiday season. It felt like I could never get en... READ MORE



    Nov. 30 Russellville Christmas Parade Entry Deadline RUSSELLVILLE — The entry deadline for the 2015 Russellville Christmas Parade is noon Monday. Entries will not be accepted past this time. Parade entry forms are available at the Recreation and Parks Department office, 1000 E. Parkway, or at www.russellvillearkansas.org. The parade, with the theme “Christmas Movies,” will be at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 3, with a rainout date of Dec. 7. The entr... READ MORE