Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun February 11, 2018
PHOTO BY: William Harvey

Corina and Michael Reichert, left, and Colina and David Reichert, all of Dover, said they are used to getting stares when they go out. Corina and Colina and Michael and David are identical twins. Corina and Michael have four sons; Colina and David have three daughters. They live next door to each other, as well as to Michael and David’s parents, Betty and Phillip Reichert.

Mirror images

Identical twins marry identical twins

Identical twins David and Michael Reichert were used to getting stares in public; so were identical twins Colina and Corina Tullous. When the brothers married the sisters, the double-takes, well, doubled. The four married at the same time almost 20 years ago, on July 25, 1998. “There were people who showed up to the wedding that we had no idea who they were,” David said. “The placed was packed out. It’s a rare thing, twins marrying twin... READ MORE


    Love at first sight? Don’t count on it

    I have a new vocation: relationship counseling. On a recent shopping trip to one of my favorite stores in Conway, I overheard two young female employees giving advice to a young male employee about dating. I really couldn’t make out everything they were saying, but I decided to tease the guy. “They’re right. Whatever they’re saying, the girls are right,” I told him. Just joking. They all laughed, and the guy explained that he wasn’t say... READ MORE


    Director of senior services named Maumelle Person of the Year

    Nick Heaps was helping his mother, Nicole Vogler, get ready for a volunteer banquet at the Maumelle Center on the Lake. It was Feb. 1, his 24th birthday, but he didn’t mind. He and his two siblings grew up helping out their mother, director of senior services for the city of Maumelle. “Especially during the summers, they’d be short on volunteers. We’d get a call: ‘What are you doing today?’” Heaps said. Vogler’s work with the city of Ma... READ MORE


    Some Arkansas fishermen are real jokers

    Want to learn more about practical joking? Let me suggest you hang around some Arkansas fishermen awhile. It’s almost certain you won’t have to wait long before witnessing shenanigans intended to embarrass, perplex or discomfort the victims. Such pranks run the gamut from rubber snakes in tackle boxes to jerks on the fishing lines of sleeping anglers. Then there are more elaborate bits of monkey business long remembered as masterpieces ... READ MORE



    Feb. 11 The Lightfoot Family Band Concert CONWAY — The Faulkner County Library will present the The Lightfoot Family Band in concert at 2 p.m. The husband and wife team consists of Joshua Lightfoot on guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle; and Tove Thunell on banjo. The couple’s repertoire consists mainly of American traditional music, bluegrass and old-timey gospel, but they also do Celtic and Swedish folk songs. All library events are f... READ MORE