Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu March 26, 2015
PHOTO BY: Eilish Palmer

Patsy Fortner gets her first look at her completed home in Mayflower, which was built on the same lot as her 30-year-old home that was destroyed in the April 2014 tornado. The home was built by Christian Aid Ministries, which partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Faulkner County and Interfaith and Partners Disaster Recovery Alliance in Mayflower. Because Fortner has cancer, her home was fully funded through the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Also pictured is her friend Jarrel Robertson and Fortner’s daughter-in-law, Charlene Fortner.

Back home again

Victim of cancer, tornado receives new residence

For years, Patsy Fortner has dreaded the month of April. Her husband, Danny, died 10 years ago on April 27, and this year that date marks the first anniversary of a deadly tornado that destroyed their home — a home he built — on Fortner Road in Mayflower. “I didn’t salvage anything — absolutely nothing,” Fortner said. She’s lived there 30 years. “My husband bought that property in there and started building homes in there — he built thr... READ MORE


The Safe Place fundraiser planned for April 22

MORRILTON — An upcoming fundraiser for The Safe Place in Morrilton can make a big difference in helping domestic-violence victims and their children, said the Rev. Jo Warren, the shelter’s executive director.


    Lost wallet leads to adventure

    My brother has always been like the proverbial absent-minded professor. As a doctor, Shane can, and has, saved lives — but it’s finding his keys to drive to the hospital that gives him trouble. Even in college, friends had extra keys to Shane’s car. He’s lost jackets, left his cellphone in New York taxis — twice — and gotten them back. Last weekend, he took his absentmindedness to new heights. After he and his wife came to my parents’ h... READ MORE


    Greenbrier Student of the Year makes the grade

    As the only child of two educators, Greenbrier High School senior Ethan Edwards didn’t have much choice but to be a good student, and he’s thankful for that now. “Having a B was not good. I couldn’t really comprehend that when I was growing up, and it kind of hit me in ninth or 10th grade: ‘Oh, I’m glad they’ve been like that all this time — it’s really going to help me out with future things.’” He’s got a great start on that future. Ed... READ MORE


    Add this sweet macaroon treat to the Passover table

    The first time I ever attended an American Passover Seder almost four decades ago, I experienced a wonderful sense of deja vu when dinner was served after the ritual retelling of the Exodus from Egypt. Yes, the matzo balls, also known by the Yiddish term kneidlach, served surrounded by rich chicken soup, reminded me of the hearty dumplings, or knodel, I ate as a child. And the main course of sweet-and-sour braised brisket tasted so much... READ MORE



    March 27 Conway County Spring Council Meeting PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN — The Conway County Spring Council Meeting, hosted by the Petit Jean Mountain Extension Homemakers Club, will be held at 9:30 a.m. at Petit Jean First Baptist Church. The program will included a business meeting and installation of county officers, with lunch concluding the meeting. Guest speaker Earline Zahn, Pulaski County Master Gardener and rock-garden enthusiast, wi... READ MORE