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Monday, February 20, 2017, 6:55 p.m.


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Researchers work on smarter mosquito trap

posted: 02/20/2017 1:59 a.m. Discuss

WASHINGTON -- A smart trap for mosquitoes? A new high-tech version is promising to catch the bloodsuckers while letting friendlier insects escape -- and even record the exact weather conditions when different species emerge to bite.

Fashion retailer inspired by roots

posted: 02/20/2017 1:58 a.m. Discuss

MINNEAPOLIS -- Surging numbers of Americans with roots in India have Nila Chakraborty seeing red, green, yellow, blue and black.

Pay system helps drive Google car exodus

posted: 02/20/2017 1:57 a.m. Discuss

For the past year, Google's car project has been a talent sieve, thanks to leadership changes, strategy doubts, new startup dreams and rivals luring self-driving technology experts. Another force pushing people out? Money. A lot of it.

For futuristic Dubai, rider-carrying drone its next logical step

posted: 02/20/2017 1:57 a.m. Discuss

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Dubai hopes to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly buzzing through the skyline of the futuristic city-state in July.

ON COMPUTERS: Windows' recovery option can take computers back from hijackers

posted: 02/20/2017 1:56 a.m. Discuss

A reader writes to tell us her Windows files have been hijacked. The hijacker is demanding money to release her photos and personal documents. Here's what to do and how to prevent that.

Streaming services fill up space

posted: 02/20/2017 1:55 a.m. Discuss

Netflix, the streaming service that's home to the political drama House of Cards, last month leased a five-story office building in Hollywood, less than three months after signing a decadelong deal for adjacent stages and production offices.

Microsoft plans cloud, AI health push

posted: 02/20/2017 1:55 a.m. Discuss

Microsoft Corp. is trying again in health care, betting its prowess in cloud services and artificial intelligence can help it expand in a market that's been notoriously hard for technology companies.

Background-music firm makes waves

posted: 02/20/2017 1:54 a.m. Discuss

Armed with $22 million in fresh funding, Swedish background-music streamer Soundtrack Your Brand is cutting its musical ties to Spotify Ltd. and embarking on a quest for international growth.

No IPO in sight, Uber tailors stock program to retain staff

posted: 02/20/2017 1:54 a.m. Discuss

Many longtime employees of Uber Technologies Inc. are multimillionaires, at least on paper. But with no initial public offering in sight and a strict policy blocking most private share sales, they're stuck in limbo.

Bankruptcy watch

posted: 02/20/2017 1:54 a.m. Discuss

ALEXANDER Joshua and Cori Bolinger, 602 Joseph Drive, Feb. 9, 2017, Chapter 13.

Business news in brief

posted: 02/20/2017 1:53 a.m. Discuss

Uber increases options for U.K. drivers

New farm bill goals include aid, fair trade

posted: 02/19/2017 1:58 a.m. Comments 2

WASHINGTON -- With commodity prices down and many farmers struggling, lawmakers are ready to begin work on the nation's next farm bill, hoping to bolster the nation's growers and help them through tough times.

Only way is up for private jet sales

posted: 02/19/2017 1:57 a.m. Discuss

Bombardier Inc. expects that business-jet sales could rebound as soon as the second half, getting a boost from U.S. demand as the economy gains traction.

Trump's 1st weeks open rifts at firms

posted: 02/19/2017 1:55 a.m. Discuss

NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump's first weeks in office have spawned anxiety and even arguments at some workplaces, putting owners -- especially at smaller companies -- in the position of needing to protect peace and productivity.

University studies farm hogs' welfare

posted: 02/19/2017 1:54 a.m. Discuss

MINNEAPOLIS -- Mama pigs at the University of Minnesota have a somewhat cushy life compared to those in most conventional hog farms.






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