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Escaped Pulaski County inmate arrested in Missouri

Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 9:35 p.m.
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Restored Johnny Cash home stirs many memories

posted: 09/23/2014 2:09 a.m. Discuss

DYESS -- If anyone else had grown up there, the small wood-frame house wouldn't garner a second look. Standing alone off a gravel road among acres of farmland without anything else nearby, the house seems lonesome at 4791 W. County Road 924, about 50 miles southeast of Jonesboro.

What's In A Dame: Book is bucket list for Hog fan

posted: 09/23/2014 2:07 a.m. Discuss

The first thing any Razorbacks enthusiast might say about Rick Schaeffer's new book is that it's too short. Schaeffer cites merely 100 Things Arkansas Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (Triumph Books, $14.95).


posted: 09/23/2014 2:06 a.m. Discuss

Elsewhere in entertainment and the arts:

Listen Up: Newest from U2 free, but some tuned it out

posted: 09/23/2014 2:06 a.m. Discuss

Got your free download of U2's Songs of Innocence?

The TV Column: NCIS squeezes out another spinoff, in New Orleans

posted: 09/23/2014 2:04 a.m. Discuss

Can NCIS go to the well one more time?

Tell Me About It: It's bride's call, right or wrong

posted: 09/23/2014 2:02 a.m. Discuss

DEAR CAROLYN: Long story short, I left my then husband for my current husband when my kids were 5 and 7. They spent time with bio dad, but basically lived with me and their stepfather.

New book goes on the set with noted animal 'actors'

posted: 09/23/2014 2 a.m. Discuss

LOS ANGELES -- For animal trainers on film sets, the job can be wild. Getting snakes on a plane takes a bit of heat or light, but cajoling a bear to perform for the camera can require buckets of fried chicken.

Super Quiz: Words from other languages

posted: 09/23/2014 1:58 a.m. Discuss

SUPER QUIZ: Words from other languages

Helpful Hints

posted: 09/23/2014 1:57 a.m. Discuss

DEAR HELOISE: When installing new or replacing old horizontal blinds, keep one or two extra slats at the bottom for future replacement. Trying to find a match if you need a new one can be very difficult.

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 09/23/2014 1:57 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. You'll cobble together a new belief system out of all you've recently learned, and this will include believing anew in things you've lost faith in along the way. Your family will grow in October. You'll take initiative in November, and this will endear a loved one to you.

On Christianity

posted: 09/23/2014 1:56 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: You're always telling people that God loves them, but if that's true, then why is my life such a mess? No matter what I do, it never works out. Maybe God loves some people, but I don't think He loves me.

Siloam Springs white-water park engineers the perfect kayak wave

posted: 09/22/2014 2:36 a.m. Discuss

SILOAM SPRINGS -- Ask white-water boaters to describe their "dream wave," and responses will differ, because one paddler's excitement is another paddler's terror. But the rosiest descriptions will include:

Doctors: Improve nutrition in rehab

posted: 09/22/2014 2:34 a.m. Discuss

Rodney Zimmers was 21 years old and 135 pounds when he got off heroin and cocaine. Three years later, he was still drug-free but had ballooned to 250 pounds. He blames his weight gain on the high-calorie, high-sugar food served in rehabilitation.

There is such a thing as too much talent

posted: 09/22/2014 2:33 a.m. Discuss

Here's a fun question to consider while recruiting players for your little sports team: Can a team ever have too much talent?

New Workouts: The Gamebreakers: It's All in the Hands

posted: 09/22/2014 2:31 a.m. Discuss

Title: The Gamebreakers: It's All in the Hands (Gamebreakers Media)

Super Quiz: Hartford

posted: 09/22/2014 2:27 a.m. Discuss

1. What is a "hart"?

MASTER CLASS: Training goals for office types not just cosmetic

posted: 09/22/2014 2:25 a.m. Discuss

Some of the best fitness moves reflect everyday activities. After all, what sense does it make to perform repetition after repetition of seated one-arm bicep curls if you'll never need that movement outside of the gym?

Mount Magazine sets migration watch party

posted: 09/22/2014 2:24 a.m. Discuss

Large numbers of creatures that head south for winter are flying or floating high in the air, which makes Mount Magazine State Park -- location of the state's highest elevation -- a good place to watch the show.

PRACTICALLY ACTIVE: Examine those perfect bodies in ads, realistically

posted: 09/22/2014 2:23 a.m. Discuss

I know that advertising pays the bills for most media companies. This paper lives by selling ads, and I get it. But it's not the print media, billboards or radio ads that are a problem for me. It's TV advertising.

On Christianity

posted: 09/22/2014 2:21 a.m. Discuss

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: I wish I could help my sister. Her husband just left her for another woman, and it's really depressing her. I've tried to cheer her up by saying it's best since he never treated her well, anyway, but this hasn't helped. What can I do?

'Yoga Under the Bridge' offers free class

posted: 09/22/2014 2:18 a.m. Discuss

Yes!Yoga in Cotter invites anyone in north-central Arkansas who is interested in yoga to check it out during a free class at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.


posted: 09/22/2014 2:14 a.m. Discuss

WHAT: Evol Street Tacos

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 09/22/2014 2:13 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. Because you're grateful, you'll get much more than you asked for this year. December and February bring financial opportunities. Seal a deal in January.

Helpful Hints

posted: 09/22/2014 2:13 a.m. Discuss

DEAR READERS: Here is this week's Sound Off, about nutritional information on packaging:

John Brian Ervin III High-flying CPA

posted: 09/21/2014 4 a.m. Discuss

FAYETTEVILLE -- John Ervin is a risk taker.


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    Beebe, AR

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    busy medical practice seeking full-time work-from-home medic...
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