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Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9:53 p.m.
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posted: 04/25/2015 2:44 a.m. Comments 3

To breathe clean air

Failing trust and justice

posted: 04/25/2015 2:43 a.m. Comments 2

Nearly all the expert technicians with the FBI's forensic unit presented inaccurate or bogus evidence in most court cases they testified in in the 20 years before 2000, according to an investigation and story published in the Washington Post.

Guest writer: What are the odds?

posted: 04/25/2015 2:43 a.m. Comments 4

Here we go again. What's this big kerfuffle about some sort of casino coming to Little Rock? It sure has a lot of folks all worked up. Can you recall the last time something like this got the local gentry's hackles up? Or was it their knickers in a knot? No matter--hackles or knickers--as Ronald Reagan once quipped to the assailable Jimmy Carter, "There you go again ..."

Columnists: God save the queen

posted: 04/25/2015 2:42 a.m. Comment 1

She is the best-known woman in the world, and has been since 1952 when Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, at age 25, became Queen Elizabeth II. Although she has a huge list of titles, she is to most people simply the queen. And she has been the only British monarch in most people's lives: She has always seemingly been there.

Editorials: The enormity of it

posted: 04/25/2015 2:42 a.m. Discuss

"I'm going to take whatever confession he gives--it's better than no confession. Maybe this is the best thing he has ever done in his life. Isn't that sad?"

Columnists: And now it's promposals

posted: 04/25/2015 2:41 a.m. Discuss

A high school junior demolishing a bagel described the pressure.

Editorials: A view from the present

posted: 04/25/2015 2:41 a.m. Discuss

Does anyone know


posted: 04/24/2015 2:55 a.m. Comment 1

On aggressive police

Taxing thoughts

posted: 04/24/2015 2:54 a.m. Comments 16

The modern twist on the ancient aphorism might be, "April taxation brings May vexation."

Guest writer: Of benefit to all

posted: 04/24/2015 2:54 a.m. Comment 1

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. It also marks the recovery and rise of a peaceful Japan as America's strong ally, a linchpin of our security in the Asia-Pacific region--and a welcome investor in the state of Arkansas.

Columnists: Europe's immigration shame

posted: 04/24/2015 2:52 a.m. Discuss

There is a dangerous logic to European Union policy on immigration, and over the weekend it may have claimed as many as 900 lives.

Others say: Getting real with Cuba

posted: 04/24/2015 2:51 a.m. Discuss

History may ultimately view it as an incremental step in the normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, but the Obama administration's decision last week to drop the island nation from the list of state sponsors of terrorism is a welcome and overdue move.

Columnists: Now what in Yemen?

posted: 04/24/2015 2:51 a.m. Discuss

Saudi Arabia may have changed the name of its operation in Yemen--from Decisive Storm to Restore Hope--but not much has changed on the ground. Even after officials declared the near month-long Saudi-led bombing campaign over this week, airstrikes continued, pounding the capital Sanaa and Houthi positions in the city of Taiz.

Editorials: Even more turnover

posted: 04/24/2015 2:50 a.m. Comments 13

When are the schools in Little Rock going to catch a break? The state has taken control of the school district because so many schools are what the educantists call Academically Distressed, which means they haven't been educating the kids. And on the rare occasion that a brave superintendent comes along to improve things, he's run out of town.

EDITORIALS: Trust, but verify

posted: 04/23/2015 2:57 a.m. Comments 7

“It’s that dangling fear of the future—of what might happen.” —Dean Kumpuris


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