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Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 4:28 p.m.
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posted: 07/29/2014 2:56 a.m. Discuss

Compassion for them

Columnists: Return to the rockers

posted: 07/29/2014 2:55 a.m. Discuss

Nine years had passed since my daughter, Anna, and I shared rocking chairs on a cabin's deck at Gaston's White River Resort where the setting sun left us peacefully creaking back and forth well into the darkness.

Columnists: A need for speed

posted: 07/29/2014 2:54 a.m. Discuss

Better broadband for schools

Columnists: California dreaming

posted: 07/29/2014 2:53 a.m. Comments 11

The states, Justice Louis Brandeis famously pointed out, are the laboratories of democracy. And it’s still true.

Columnists: How to prevent the unthinkable

posted: 07/29/2014 2:50 a.m. Discuss

Since the UN Commission of Inquiry issued its report on North Korea in February, UN bodies, human rights organizations, governments and think tanks have been working to respond to the crimes against humanity it documented, including the systematic abuse of prisoners and food policies that lead to starvation. But the report's most chilling section rarely gets discussed: standing orders at North Korea's political prison camps (the kwanliso) to kill all prisoners in the event of armed conflict or revolution.

Others say: Move on the migrant crisis

posted: 07/29/2014 2:50 a.m. Comments 2

Busloads of unaccompanied migrant children arriving at processing centers across the country have been met with open arms in some communities and blocked by protesters in others, a reflection of the still bitter debate over our nation's immigration policies.

Editorials: Apologies all around

posted: 07/29/2014 2:49 a.m. Discuss

If there's one thing that mama wouldn't put up with--pro'lly 'most any mama in these parts--it's the kids acting a fool in front of guests.

Editorials: The obstructionists

posted: 07/28/2014 3:28 a.m. Discuss

The news came Thursday afternoon: The folks who put together the online version of Roget's Thesaurus have added a few choice synonyms for "obstructionist," including:

Columnists: The vacant presidency

posted: 07/28/2014 3:27 a.m. Comments 2

The president's demeanor is worrying a lot of people. From the immigration crisis on the Mexican border to the Islamic State rising in Mesopotamia, Barack Obama seems totally detached. When he does interrupt his endless rounds of golf, fundraising and photo ops, it's for some affectless, mechanical, almost forced public statement.

Others say: Heads first

posted: 07/28/2014 3:26 a.m. Discuss

Football fans need no reminding of the danger the game poses to the brains of players.

Columnists: History won't forget us, either

posted: 07/28/2014 3:25 a.m. Discuss

When historians look back on 2014, they will note not just how flagrantly Vladimir Putin disregarded international law or how stubbornly Gaza and Israel kept firing missiles at each other. They will also be puzzled at how poorly the United States handled its economy.

Guest writer: Rethink prohibition

posted: 07/28/2014 3:25 a.m. Discuss

Two recent headlines disturbed me: "100 million for new prison to go before legislators in '15" and "AG candidates favor more drug courts."

About that flag thing

posted: 07/28/2014 3:24 a.m. Comments 3

Among the many interesting observations made by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book The Righteous Mind is that liberals often come off as less patriotic than conservatives, to their electoral detriment.


posted: 07/28/2014 3:24 a.m. Comment 1

Superior snake story I appreciated Buddy Gough's very informative article on venomous snakes native to Arkansas, with special attention to the timber rattlesnake.

Column One: Pick your historic day

posted: 07/27/2014 2:08 a.m. Discuss

Alert Reader, in this case a history professor here in Arkansas, noted a considerable gap--78 years--in my regularly revised July the Fourth column, which lists memorable dates in American history. There was no entry between November 19, 1863, when Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address, and December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy" because of Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.


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