Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu July 21, 2016
PHOTO BY: William Harvey

John Baker, a Little Rock attorney, tosses a stone that he thinks is good for skipping. Baker, who grew up skipping rocks and enjoys the activity with his four children, as well as his brother, created the Great Southern Stone-Skipping Championship, scheduled for Sept. 3 on Greers Ferry Lake in Fairfield Bay. Baker has a summer home in the community.

Contest launches

First Arkansas stone-skipping event set

Little Rock attorney John Baker, like many kids growing up in Arkansas, liked to skip rocks anytime he was near the water. “I take my kids canoeing all over Arkansas, and we always skip rocks,” Baker said. When he and his brother, Troy Baker of Little Rock, were skipping rocks one day, they started wondering who had the world record. That would be Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner of Pennsylvania, who achieved 88 skips. That got the competiti... READ MORE


Folk Center workshop gathers hammered-dulcimer players

Student-centered instruction, afternoon concerts and daily jam sessions are some of the reasons the Ozark Folk Center State Park’s Hammered Dulcimer Workshop attracts instrumentalists year after year.


    Getting good feelings from garage sales

    Unless I got rained out, I’m rich today. Well, rich might be an exaggeration, but I should have a good chunk of change after my big garage sale. When my mother and dad decided to downsize after 35 years in the same house, some things had to go. And it all went home with me. I couldn’t stand to see her donate her treasures, and I’ve always been the garage-sale queen. Call me crazy, but I love garage sales. Most people I know would rather... READ MORE


    Hall of Famer reflects on racing career

    The sign outside his office reads, “Bill Davis Trucking,” but inside are display cases filled with trophies that prove Batesville’s Bill Davis has experience with more than just trucks. From 1987 until the 2008 racing season, Davis owned auto-racing team Bill Davis Racing, which saw numerous big-name drivers and won races in various NASCAR series, including the trophy for the Daytona 500 in 2002. This year, Davis was inducted into the A... READ MORE


    Catching crappie during nighttime

    It had been hot in Arkansas for weeks. The thermometer shot up to 101 degrees one day, and it had been over 100 for close to a month. For some folks, the scorching summer weather meant it was too uncomfortable to even consider going crappie fishing. But for me, my son Josh and our friend Alex Hinson, the blazing temperature wasn’t a deterrent. It just meant we’d plan our fishing at a different time than usual: in the middle of the night... READ MORE


    Creme brulee keeps you out of a hot kitchen this summer

    Trends in cooking come and go. But in the world of desserts, creme brulee has real staying power. The thick, cool, creamy custard (creme) nestled underneath a brittle topping of burnt (brulee) sugar has such an elemental appeal that it’s a perennial favorite. In spite of the dessert’s popularity, however, I haven’t really seen it catch on in any big way in home kitchens, for two main reasons. First and most important, many home cooks ar... READ MORE



    July 22 The Bats and the Bees POWHATAN — The Bats and the Bees will be offered from 11 a.m. to noon at the Nature Center at Lake Charles State Park, 3705 Arkansas 25. Bats and honeybees are an invaluable resource to Arkansans. Participants will discover the vast potential impacts of losing these animals on the ecosystem, economy and their everyday lives, as well as ways to aid in the bats’ and bees’ continued survival. For more informa... READ MORE