Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun October 23, 2016
PHOTO BY: Matt Johnson / Contributing Photographer

Mike Parsons, left, director of Searcy Parks and Recreation, talks with Clay Brumett, project superintendent for Hydco Construction, about the progress of the $5.1 million public-pool complex.

Time for a dip

Searcy swim complex under construction

It has been 50 years since the city of Searcy has built a new pool for its community, but next year, the city will welcome a brand-new, modern swim complex. “Actually, a swimming pool for the city of Searcy has been talked about for over 10 years,” said Mike Parsons, director of Searcy Parks and Recreation. Parsons said the site of the city’s original pool, located on Moss Street next to Berryhill Park, will become the site of the city’... READ MORE


    Who’s that coming in the cat door?

    I had an uninvited guest in my house the other night. As anyone who reads this column knows, my husband and I have a 21-pound orange cat, Ashton, aka Fat Cat. Therefore, we have a cat door on the door going into our garage. Ashton is so fat that he would prefer that we open the door for him to go out so he doesn’t have to squeeze through the cat door. Sometimes, if he sits and meows long enough, we will. He usually comes back in by him... READ MORE


    Bladesmith travels country to teach others craft

    James Crowell can take the heat — thousand-degree heat, that is. He had just returned home from leading a two-week Introduction to Bladesmithing course in Clyde, North Carolina, where he instructed others on the process of using 1,500-degree heat to forge metal to create one-of-a-kind blades — similar to the knives he sells starting at $575 a pop. His Timbo home, surrounded by stretches of orange gravel road and the simplicity of Stone ... READ MORE


    Understanding mast crops and weather helps with squirrel-hunting

    During Arkansas’ squirrel season, which runs through Feb. 28, hunters may encounter a variety of hunting conditions, each of which has a unique effect on squirrel-hunting success. Consequently, to make the best of each trip afield, those pursuing bushytails must know how various conditions affect squirrel behavior. How will squirrels behave when rainy or snowy weather sets in? What effect does a year of poor mast production have? Will s... READ MORE


    Make a classic pie the centerpiece of casual autumn meals

    In October, many home cooks turn their thoughts toward the entertaining soon to come, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year’s. While such advance planning can be both fun and sensible, it can also have a serious drawback: It shortchanges opportunities for more casual entertaining. But I’d like to propose one solution that will work well for all your more off-the-cuff parties with friends and family during t... READ MORE



    Oct. 23 The Importance of Being Earnest BEEBE — The theater department at Arkansas State University-Beebe will present The Importance of Being Earnest at 2:30 p.m. in the Owen Center Auditorium, 1100 W. Iowa St. The satirical comedy was written by Oscar Wilde. General admission to the show is $5 for adults and $2.50 for seniors. Military members and ASU-Beebe students will receive two free admissions to the performance. Oct. 25 Closur... READ MORE