Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun January 25, 2015
PHOTO BY: Eilish Palmer

Arkansas State University-Beebe students, from left, Edward Cook, James Ritter, Ray Alexander and Clay Boyett service the air-conditioner on a 6 Series John Deere tractor.

Twice the space

John Deere program, facility expanding at Arkansas State University-Beebe

It is not hard to spot the John Deere program at Arkansas State University-Beebe. The iconic green-and-yellow tractors parked next to the brick building are a dead giveaway, but those tractors will be hidden — and protected from bad weather — when the program’s new expansion is completed toward the end of the semester. The John Deere Agriculture Equipment Technology program at ASU-Beebe is adding two buildings next to the John Deere Ag ... READ MORE


Lyon moves forward with athletic programs

BATESVILLE — College sports can do a lot for a school. Through increased enrollment and bolstered school spirit, many schools, including Lyon College in Batesville, reap the benefits of offering a variety of athletic opportunities on campus.


    Family’s dog loves football

    [Editor’s note: The following column originally ran in 2008, but with all the talk about football, she wanted to get in on the action with a nod to the sport this week, even though it’s just through her dog’s name.] Ask and you shall receive — a dog. The day my last column came out talking about pet names and my growing desire to have a dog — a little, bitty one — there was a knock at my door after supper. It was a neighbor who had been... READ MORE


    Director of aviation to help Ozarka program soar

    It may be cliche for colleges to say a student’s opportunities will reach new heights with a degree, but at Ozarka College in Melbourne, that statement will take on a literal meaning next year. Ozarka is starting an aviation program, and Nick Lenczycki has moved from South Dakota to Arkansas to act as the first director of the program. Lenczycki has worked at several colleges and universities in aviation programs — Averett University, A... READ MORE


    Hunter finds happiness in ‘out-of-the-way haven’

    I met him in the winter of 1987. “Let’s get together this weekend and go rabbit hunting,” my friend Lewis said. “One of my clients invited us. Sounds like he has some good dogs. Says they had a good hunt yesterday.” So it was that two days later, Lewis introduced us — The Rabbit Man and me. He had no pretensions about him. “Nice meetin’ ya,” The Rabbit Man said, extending a callused hand. “Now, if we’re done with the pleasantries, maybe... READ MORE


    Stir-fry lean beef, winter fruit for a light, bright main dish

    As all the fun and excitement of the holiday season begin to fade, January can seem like a bleak month. Not only can the cold weather and long, dark nights make you feel like you’re under siege, but the challenges of sticking to tough New Year’s resolutions — like those to eat more healthfully and drop a few pounds — can quite literally weigh you down. So now is the moment to aim for more fun with your healthy cooking. The recipe I shar... READ MORE



    Jan. 25 Historical Society Meeting ASH FLAT — The Sharp County Historical Society will hold its winter quarterly meeting at 2 p.m. in the Community Room of FNBC. Blake Perkins, assistant professor of history at Williams Baptist College, will be the guest speaker. With 2014-2018 marking the 100-year anniversary of World War I, Perkins will lecture on an often-forgotten and perhaps surprising aspect of the Great War in Arkansas: rural re... READ MORE