Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun April 19, 2015
PHOTO BY: Angela Spencer

Bev Finch prices clothing at the Bargain Hound Boutique in Batesville. The thrift store supports the Independence County Humane Society.

Sniffing out deals

Thrift store supports Humane Society

With clothes, trinkets, furniture and books, thrift stores are a popular destination for shoppers looking for a deal. What makes that deal even sweeter, though, is when the money goes to a good cause. The Bargain Hound Boutique, at 228 Ramsey St. in Batesville, may seem like other thrift stores in town, but there are hints throughout the store that indicate what makes it different. As soon as shoppers walk through the front door, there ... READ MORE


Lakefront allure brings snowbird to Arkansas

Wisconsin native Jean Beisenstein said her husband jokes that they ended up in Tumbling Shoals 19 years ago because she saw a little quilt shop up the road. “I’ve probably been quilting for about 25 years. I was not serious about it till I got down here,” she said. “I’ve just always found [quilts] fascinating. It’s such an achievement when you get this quilt together and see what it looks like. It just thrills me to death.” Beisenstei...


    Bread puddin’, art and other amenities

    I’ve experienced another city, thanks to riding on the coattails of my smart husband. My husband went to the Southern States Communication Association convention in Tampa to present the top student paper in political communication, so I tagged along for a couple of days (on our own dime, by the way). I did this once before when he went to New Orleans. We love Florida, but neither of us had ever been to Tampa, and we were looking forward... READ MORE


    Reasons to quit should never outnumber all the reasons why

    Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson recorded a tune in 1983 that was penned by Haggard and titled “Reasons to Quit.” The pair of so-called country outlaws sang of a vice or two they shared and lamented on their inability to stop. While Merle and Willie wanted to cease the smoking and drinking, I definitely don’t want to find an anglers’ rehab program. This spring, however, I have opted out of two opportunities to wet a hook with some of my ... READ MORE


    Eggplant is ideal vegetable to bridge the seasons

    You hear a lot of talk from chefs, restaurant chains, food writers and food stores these days about the importance of cooking and serving fresh, seasonal ingredients. But walk through most supermarkets, and you might think that there’s only one perpetual season. Thanks to modern shipping and advanced agricultural techniques, you can find almost any vegetable or fruit you might want to cook and eat at any time of year. Of course, there’s... READ MORE



    Today Ozarka College Tour D’Art MELBOURNE — The fourth annual literary reading and art extravaganza Tour D’Art will be held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the John E. Miller Education Complex at Ozarka College. The free event is put on by The Friends of the Paul Weaver Library and is open to the public. The reading portion will begin at 6 p.m. in the John E. Miller Auditorium with original and previously published works read by Ozarka Colleg... READ MORE