Updated 12:00 a.m., Thu July 31, 2014
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Mattie Nester learns to wear a yukata — a cotton, summer kimono.

Feeling so welcome

Hot Springs teen talks about her week in Japan

Katie Garner, who will be in the 11th grade at Lakeside High School this fall, went on a trip this summer. The trip included staying with a family for a week, sharing a room with a daughter Katie’s age, taking a shopping trip to a mall and attending a teen party one night. What made this trip different? Katie was on her first trip to Japan, and she was with a family she had never met. Katie was one of 14 teenagers from high schools in t... READ MORE


    On my own: Talking to the dog and other issues

    Being on my own for most of the summer, I’ve learned a lot. As my regular readers know (and might be sick of hearing), my husband has been in Mississippi, living in a university dorm and taking classes toward his doctorate. He’s come home most weekends, but last weekend he stayed to study for tests and get papers done as classes come to an end. I’ve missed him, but I have made the following discoveries. • The dog is a good listener. Whe... READ MORE


    New NPCC president steps in, ready for a few curveballs

    The recent journey from Columbus, Indiana, to Hot Springs was not the first trip to Arkansas for John Hogan and his family, but this one was different because this time, they were moving to stay. “This must be the most welcoming place in the universe,” said Hogan, who is the new president of National Park Community College in Garland County. “I’ve been lots of places, but I have never received a warmer welcome than we have gotten here.”... READ MORE


    Everything you need to know about night-fishing lights

    Night fishing can be an exhilarating experience, full of mystery and expectation. When will something take the bait? What will it be? Will I overcome it, or will it overcome me? If you hook something big, you hope it’s a trophy fish. But you’re never really sure. You don’t know what’s down there, and you won’t know for certain until you reel it up from the depths. That’s what draws a hard-boiled fraternity of anglers to this witching-ho... READ MORE


    Move grilled sandwiches indoors on the hottest summer days

    Just like that, summer’s heat can go from hot to too darn hot. The time of year we’re now entering is known as the “dog days,” a name that originated with the ancient Romans, paying tribute to Sirius, the “dog star,” which shines brightly at this time of year. But most people, I think, associate the name today with days when the weather is just so sultry that even the most active dogs lie panting in whatever shade they can find. Dedicat... READ MORE


    This week's events in the Tri-Lakes Area

    July 31 Historical Speaker HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE — Don Dierks will speak about his book Full Circle, 1957-2002: A Historical Narrative on the Timberlands on Dierks Forest, Inc. at 4 p.m. in Room 6 of the Coronado Community Center. A portion of Diers Forest Inc. was the site used to create Hot Springs Village. The presentation is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided. For more information, call (501) 922-3555. Art Exh... READ MORE