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PHOTO BY: William Harvey

Sable Miller, the fifth generation in her family to staff Miller’s Drug Store, has called Malvern home all her life except for a brief time while attending the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. She then moved back home to Malvern to live there while she finished her degree at UAMS.

124 and counting

Family-owned pharmacy's tenure spans 5 generations

Tri-Lakes Edition

Miller’s Drug Store has been a staple of Malvern’s Main Street since 1890, 14 years after the city’s incorporation. The latest in the Miller succession is Sable Miller, who graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock with a Pharm.D. degree in May. She is the first female in the Miller lineage to become a pharmacist for the drugstore. In the 124 years since its beginning, the store has been destroyed and... READ MORE


Documentary film festival gains recognition, entrants

In the 24 years since its founding, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival has seen the world of documentary film evolve. Film festivals, independent films and filmmaking in general have made great strides. The culture now values an artisan touch in lieu of homogenization, and companies with mass appeal have begun to use documentaries to market to that trend. From broadcasters such as HBO and NPR to streaming services such as Netflix...


    Surgery for kidney tumor successful

    Yes, it was cancer. That’s called not burying the lead. Tomorrow is the one-month anniversary of my kidney surgery, which I wrote about before taking a hiatus. Doctors found a tumor incidentally when looking for something else, and it was caught early. When I wrote about it, I wasn’t expecting the outpouring from my wonderful readers, friends and college sorority sisters. It was overwhelming. I was blown away. I loved every note, email,... READ MORE


    First, it’s time to do some scouting

    “Heads up!” The muffled shout came from my right. I turned just in time to see a mourning dove speed down the fencerow, then drop low over the cut milo. Before I could raise my shotgun, Jimmy Peeler dropped the bird with a clean shot. “Nice shot,” I called. Then Jimmy’s brother Lewis was yelling, pointing behind us. “Birds comin’ in.” Three doves blazed by like bantam kamikazes. When they were in front of me, I shouldered my shotgun and... READ MORE


    Simple spaghetti full of flavor

    A chance dinner with friends has brought this meal firmly into my weeknight rotation. We had just finished moving all our earthly belongings to a new house, and our friends (now our neighbors!) took pity on us: “It’s just turkey spaghetti, but you should come over for dinner.” We did, and we devoured our plates of “just turkey spaghetti.” It was more than just the hunger of a long moving day — this simple weeknight pasta was seriously g... READ MORE


    Community events in the Tri-Lakes Area

    Aug. 31 Give ’em the Pickle: Customer Service Seminar MALVERN — The Henderson State University Small Business and Technology Development Center will present Give ’em the Pickle: Customer Service/S.E.L.F. Profile Seminar from 2-5 p.m. in the College of the Ouachitas Lecture Hall. The cost of the class is $40 per person. For more information or to reserve seating, call (870) 230-5184. Sept. 1 Piano Recital ARKADELPHIA — May Tsao-Lim, Luis... READ MORE