Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun August 2, 2015
PHOTO BY: William Harvey

Morgan Cooper, sitting, from left, Taylor Rynders and Sarah Smith show copies of The Bismarck Project, which they helped compile. The book is on the history of Bismarck and surrounding areas. Standing with the students is Cindy Bubulka, Bismarck High School librarian.

Recording history

Students compile book about Bismarck, surrounding areas

Carol Rolf/Contributing Writer

Every community has a history. Much of that history is often passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, never being formally recorded. But thanks to the Bismarck High School Young Historians Society, many of Bismarck’s stories have now been recorded for posterity. Under the guidance of Robin Piper, retired librarian at the local high school, members of the Young Historians Society have published The Bismarck Project: The His... READ MORE


Alumni to gather for Malvern-Wilson reunion, homecoming

MALVERN — It happens just once every three years, but the Malvern-Wilson School Reunion and Homecoming brings together students who attended either Malvern Colored High School or A.A. Wilson High School. Many still live in Malvern, but others are scattered across the United States.


    Back to the land of clothes and calories

    I’m back to the reality of having to wear clothes and eat right. Last week’s fill-in column was about the beach because I was … at the beach. So, forgive me, but that’s my topic this week, too. We hadn’t been there in three years, thanks to my husband’s journey to get more education and earn a doctorate — even though he was the one who had fun in college, and I was the one with the good grade-point average. He took academic books to rea... READ MORE


    Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, even french fries among favored baits for white amur

    To catch a grass carp, toss a salad. Throw in some cherry tomatoes, some lettuce, celery, pea pods, a bit of watercress, some duckweed, coontail, pondweed and muskgrass. OK, so it’s not your regular salad, and chances are you never figured on using vegetables for bait. Don’t worry; grass carp will like it, just the same. These giant Asian minnows, also known as white amurs (Ctenopharyngodon idella), are vegetarians, you see. They shy aw... READ MORE



    Aug. 2 Trickshot Exhibition HOT SPRINGS — Internet billiards trickshot sensation Florian Kohler, also known as Venom, will perform an exhibition, open to the public, at 3 p.m. at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2278, 2231 E. Grand Ave. Doors will open at 2 p.m. Tickets are $5 for Ouachita Mountain Arkansas American Poolplayers Association and VFW Post 2278 members, $10 for other area APA members and $15 for the general public. Children y... READ MORE