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Saturday, July 21, 2018, 12:02 p.m.

Mug shots are provided by county sheriffs' offices. Arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.



Recent Mugshots: 1 - 4 of 4397 View Arrest Statistics

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  • Garland County
  • Pulaski County
  • Saline County
  • July 21, 2018 Donna Pierce Keller
  • July 21, 2018 Cody Joseph Putman
  • July 21, 2018 Zachary Lee Blalock
  • July 21, 2018 Deron Malcom Monts

Mug shots are provided by county sheriffs' offices. Arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.*

*The information presented here as a public service is gathered from public information through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to local and state government offices. The booking mug shots and related information are from records provided by the county sheriffs' offices and are updated daily. Arkansas Online is not responsible, in whole or in part, for the creation or development of this information. Persons appearing here are presumed innocent, and inclusion on this list does not mean a person has been convicted of the arrest charge. Any questions regarding booking information should be directed to the appropriate county sheriff’s office: Pulaski County at, Faulkner County at, Garland County at or Saline County at Questions regarding other information on these pages should be referred to the appropriate government agency responsible for the collection of this information. Users are notified that parental control protections are commercially available that may assist in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors.

State government employee salaries

1 Cindy Gillespie DHS DHS Director
2 Johnny R. Key Education Commissioner of education
3 Nathaniel Smith Health ADH director
4 Charles P. Kokes State Crime Lab Crime Lab dir. medical exam. div.
5 Scott Bennett Transportation Director of highways and transportation

College & university employee salaries

1 Chad Morris UA-Fayetteville Head football coach
2 Mike Anderson UA-Fayetteville Head men's basketball coach
3 Brian Reemtsen UAMS Chief, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery
4 Charles L. Barnes UAMS Chair of orthopedics
5 Noojan Kazemi UAMS Assistant neurology professor & physician
Pulaski County salaries City of Little Rock salaries North Little Rock salaries Other Arkansas city salaries School district salaries

These databases contain salary information for government employees at the city, county and state level. The information as provided in response to a series of FOI requests. Search by name or use the drop down menu to search by agency or department. Some agencies provided salary data at an hourly rate, while others provided it in an annual figure. The salary figures may not account for pay raises, employee turnover, part-time workers or overtime pay.




Little Rock-area restaurant inspections

Gov. Asa Hutchinson appointments

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2018 Little Rock/North Little Rock homicide map

2017 Little Rock/North Little Rock homicide map

2016 Little Rock homicide map

2015 Little Rock homicide map

Arkansas plane crashes

Deficient, obsolete state bridges

Little Rock crime map

North Little Rock crime map

State Employee Salaries

Pulaski County Salaries

City of Little Rock Salaries

School District Salaries




Arkansas Freedom of Information Act
Download a copy of the Arkansas FOI Act

Contact your State Legislator
Find your Senator:

Find your Representative:

Review Arkansas Attorney General Opinions on the FOI Act
Simply type FOI Act in the full text search area at:

Arkansas Ethics Commission:


Federal agencies
The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act provides that any person has the right of access to federal agency records or information. The law requires that the government (not the public) substantiate why information may not be released.

The federal FOI Act does not provide access to records held by the judiciary or Congress and includes nine major areas of exemption.

Find out more about FOI requests at:


Citizens have a right to see and photocopy documents and records of government agencies, unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under the law.

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act was established in 1967 as a law designed to allow citizens access to information gathered and produced by our governing agencies.

The law defines a Public Record as: "writings, recorded sounds, films, tapes, electronic or computer based information, or data compilations in any medium, required by law to be kept or otherwise kept, and that constitute a record of the performance or lack of performance of official functions that are or should be carried out by a public official or employee, a governmental agency, or any other agency wholly or partially supported by public funds or expending public funds. All records maintained in public offices or by public employees within the scope of their employment shall be presumed to be public records."


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