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Thursday, June 21, 2018, 6:31 p.m.


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Helaine Williams

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Features reporter, columnist

Features reporter, columnist

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Exhibit: Born of need or planned as art, quilts from rural black Arkansans convey the warmth of family ties

posted: 06/19/2018 4:30 a.m. Discuss

I believe that African-American history should be as complete as the history of the dominant or the mainstream population of the country. So when I saw that African-American quilt history was becoming the property of a group of scholars that had a very limited outlook on what African-American quilters have done over the years, I believed it was my task to try to give a more accurate and varied picture.

MAKING CALORIES COUNT: Eats for Education: 15th annual Cooking for College a tasty way to raise scholarship money

posted: 06/17/2018 2:47 a.m. Gallery Discuss

College students may only wish they could eat this well while at school. But at least those who benefit from Cooking for College have help with their education costs.

FEAST, NO FAMINE: Heifer International raises money with fun in the field

posted: 06/17/2018 2:34 a.m. Gallery Discuss

Dark clouds and a few sprinkles failed to put a damper on Heifer International's annual Feast in the Field, a fundraiser to aid Heifer USA in its support for small-scale farmers.

LET'S TALK: Odds better to write best-seller than to hit lottery

posted: 06/17/2018 2:29 a.m. Discuss

I won't lie. I'm sometimes tempted to buy a scratch-off ticket or two after reading about those who have won some nice money playing the lottery. The temptation gets a bit more problematic when I come across that once-in-a-blue-moon story about a person who has won big on a couple of occasions.

STRIVERS' ROW: Fashionable fundraiser: Jazzy Jeans & Jewels benefits Arkansas Baptist College

posted: 06/10/2018 2:28 a.m. Gallery Discuss

Imagine Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Zora Neale Hurston accenting their most elegant Harlem Renaissance-era attire with glitzed-up denim.

STEALING THAT EXTRA BOW: Standing ovations: Curtain Call for a Cause morphs into a successful two-night run

posted: 06/10/2018 2:25 a.m. Gallery Discuss

Curtain Call for a Cause, the big Broadway-style show that benefits Arkansas Enterprises for the Developmentally Disabled, got so popular that it was expanded to a two-night, sold-out run this year.

LET’S TALK: Gross out does the body good

posted: 06/10/2018 2:16 a.m. Discuss

Nervous about those "water bug" roaches you just know are getting ready to try to squat in your home for the summer? So it turns out that feeling disgust is healthy for us. It stands between us and disease/infection.

HIGH PROFILE: Entrepreneur, lawyer, businessman, civil-rights pioneer and politician Richard Mays

posted: 06/03/2018 4:30 a.m. Comment 1

Richard Mays isn't dressed like your typical high-powered lawyer this particular morning. In a tropical-print shirt, dark jeans and cognac-colored cowboy boots, he looks like he just came in from a vacation -- or maybe, an executive seminar.

LET'S TALK: It's no fun when cops are called

posted: 05/27/2018 2:22 a.m. Discuss

My husband's and my first experience with having the police called on us came 31/2 years ago, when we moved into a new apartment.

DRESSING ROOM: Curves, inclusiveness on tap in fashion week

posted: 05/27/2018 2:16 a.m. Discuss

It's an understatement that plus-size clothing options have come a long way from the stereotypical muumuu.






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