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Wednesday, March 04, 2015, 2:42 a.m.
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Helaine Williams

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Features reporter, columnist

Features reporter, columnist

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DRESSING ROOM: Exotic fabrics tote style in luxury handbag line

posted: 02/22/2015 2:30 a.m. Discuss

The creator of a Northwest Arkansas-based fashion brand has hopes of breaking the handbag industry wide open with its line of luxury products.

CACAOPHONY: Choc-full ballroom

posted: 02/22/2015 2:28 a.m. Gallery Discuss

Chocolate-covered toffee. Chocolate-chip cookies. Chocolate fudge. Chocolate brownies. Chocolate truffles. Chocolate cupcakes. Various loose morsels of brown and white chocolate. Several chocolate-strawberry incarnations. A chocolate bird sculpture. With all the goodies that await attendees of the annual Chocolate Fantasy Ball, it's easy to wonder: Why have dessert at dinner anyway?

LET’S TALK: After long resistance: It's a blog!

posted: 02/22/2015 2:15 a.m. Comment 1

So. I've started a blog.

MUSICAL CHAIRS: Venue change doesn't muffle For the Love of Art fundraiser

posted: 02/15/2015 2:28 a.m. Gallery Discuss

Bandleader Danny Fletcher said it last year, and he said it again this year: If attendees of For the Love of Art had to pay a commercial price for such a concert, that price would likely be in the three-figure range. As it was, those who enjoyed the Feb. 6 fundraiser for Art Porter Music Education were admitted for free. All that was asked was a donation to the organization.

PAPER FACES ON PARADE: Jazzy Mardi Gras festivities ring up big bucks for society

posted: 02/15/2015 2:26 a.m. Gallery Discuss

If there's any event in Arkansas that's almost sure to provide sensory overload comparable to that provided by Mardi Gras, it's the Hot Springs Jazz Society's annual Mardi Gras Costume Ball & Contest. Especially when there's a guy who comes as a giant yeti, or abominable snowman. And another guy dressed as a giant bumblebee. Throw in a glitzed-out gladiator, a couple of fairies, and a few figures from centuries past, with a bit of steam­punk style thrown in. We won't even mention those court jesters ... well, yes, we will.

Lower back pain often can be lessened by improving fitness

posted: 02/09/2015 1:55 a.m. Discuss

Gary Faulkner, a Little Rock business executive, has suffered bouts of back pain since his 20s.

DRESSING ROOM: Cupani Valentine's gala has educational benefit

posted: 02/08/2015 3:07 a.m. Discuss

Life is busy these days for Lacie Cupani of Little Rock.

Let's Talk: I'm full of excuses for Big Game

posted: 02/08/2015 2:51 a.m. Discuss

Ah, the Super Bowl: Just an excuse for a motley crew of stuff to happen in a way the NBA playoffs and the World Series have not been able to duplicate.

LET'S TALK: Oh the strain, pain of putting new stain on old furniture

posted: 02/01/2015 1:59 a.m. Discuss

I have this habit of wanting to get into a project gung-ho once I decide said project warrants execution.

DRESSING ROOM: Writer, modeling coach returns to fashion design

posted: 01/25/2015 3:02 a.m. Discuss

S'cie Ward of Little Rock finds herself getting this question from people often: "What all do you do?"

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