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Monday, October 05, 2015, 8:56 p.m.
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Home Movies

posted: 10/02/2015 1 a.m. Discuss

Entourage, directed by Doug Ellin (R, 104 minutes) The HBO comedy series of the same name dragged on for about three seasons longer than it needed to, so there's really no excuse for resurrecting this worn-out idea as the subject of a feature film four years after the series ended.

Style: The Long Season

posted: 10/01/2015 11:02 a.m. Discuss

October has arrived, bringing with it playoff baseball and more movies with bigger dreams. Find out which hit — and which strike out — in Friday’s Style section.

CRITICAL MASS: The 'good stuff'

posted: 09/27/2015 2:03 a.m. Discuss

Time to get serious.

'Groundhog Day' actor Stephen Tobolowsky set for Hot Springs film fest

posted: 09/25/2015 2:25 a.m. Discuss

All movies are engaged in telling stories. Then there's The Primary Instinct, a movie that tells a story about storytelling, as perceived by actor and master storyteller Stephen Tobolowsky.

Review: The Green Inferno

posted: 09/25/2015 2:22 a.m. Discuss

An Amazonian cannibal yarn tipping its hat to the 1980 cult classic Cannibal Holocaust by Italian director Ruggero Deodato, but showing little sign of understanding that film's journey into the heart of darkness, The Green Inferno functions on the level of a scary if scatterbrained story whose wafting smell of baking flesh will draw Midnight Madness crowds.

Home movies

posted: 09/25/2015 2:22 a.m. Discuss

Results, directed by Andrew Bujalski

Review: Confession of a Child of the Century

posted: 09/25/2015 2:21 a.m. Discuss

Given the role personal charisma plays in their day jobs, you might suppose rock stars possess qualities that easily translate to the screen. David Bowie, for instance, has always been an arresting actor, although he never seems to be trying very hard. Mick Jagger has been effective in some roles, risible in others, but he's always watchable. Bob Dylan's range is limited, but he made a good "Alias" in Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Kris Kristofferson, Steve Earle and Tom Waits are legitimately good character actors despite their established public personas.

NY Film Festival kicks off with Walk

posted: 09/25/2015 2:20 a.m. Discuss

The world premiere of Robert Zemeckis' The Walk, a dramatic retelling of a 1974 attempt to cross a tightrope between The World Trade Center's twin towers by French high-wire artist Philippe Petit (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), was to be the high-profile opening night attraction of the 53rd New York Film Festival today.

Review: Pawn Sacrifice

posted: 09/25/2015 2:19 a.m. Discuss

The turbulent life of Bobby Fischer -- arguably the greatest, and definitely the most famous, chess player of all time -- has already been the subject of an insightful HBO documentary, while serving as a backdrop for Steven Zaillan's laudable 1993 drama. But it's never been re-created on screen, which is what writer Steven Knight and director Edward Zwick have attempted to do in Pawn Sacrifice, a classically helmed bio-pic that brings nothing new to the genre, but benefits from handsome craftmanship and solid performances by Tobey Maguire as the Brooklyn boy wonder, and Liev Schreiber as his longtime Russian nemesis, Boris Spassky.

Maze, Mass dominate box office

posted: 09/25/2015 2:17 a.m. Discuss

LOS ANGELES -- Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ignited the weekend box office with an estimated $30.3 million domestic debut, while the Johnny Depp gangster film Black Mass opened with some heat of its own.


posted: 09/25/2015 2:16 a.m. Discuss

The Walk, PG Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Philippe Petit, the only person who has ever, or will ever, walk a high wire between the World Trade Center towers. With Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale; directed by Robert Zemeckis. Opens Wednesday


posted: 09/25/2015 2:15 a.m. Discuss

Confession of a Child of the Century

Review: Hotel Translyvania 2

posted: 09/25/2015 2:15 a.m. Discuss

It's as rare as vampires on a beach to have a movie sequel be better than the original. But vampires might start looking for some sunglasses because the spookiest thing about Hotel Transylvania 2 is how much funnier, colorful and more original it is this second time around.

On Christianity

posted: 09/25/2015 2:14 a.m. Comment 1

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: I'm 10 years old and I'd like to know how the world is going to end, according to the Bible. Will it be sudden, through atom bombs and things like that? Or will it happen slowly, through something like pollution?

Horoscopes by Holiday

posted: 09/25/2015 2:13 a.m. Discuss

Happy birthday. Later it won't be hard for you to think of many reasons why this year ranks among the best of times. As you're experiencing it, you'll be too involved to take time for such judgments. October is excitement at a fast pace. New friends help you put together a deal. The domestic changes favor creative thinking.




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