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Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 2:44 a.m.


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Losing Letta
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Suspect in girl’s 1982 killing tells police dead uncle did it

posted: 01/08/2011 5:39 a.m. Comments 2

The only living suspect in the 1982 death of 12-year-old Carmeletta Green has told Little Rock police that he believes his late uncle killed the girl and dumped her body in the woods.

Girl’s remains identified, but questions go back to 1982

posted: 12/13/2009 4:01 a.m. Comment 1

The 27-year-old mystery of Carmeletta Green’s disappearance haunts not only her family, but Little Rock police and state Crime Laboratory officials.

27 years of wondering put to rest

posted: 12/13/2009 3:28 a.m. Comment 1

When Jackie Brown walked into the small church on Cross Street on Saturday morning, her oldest daughter was finally with her again after 27 years.

LOSING ’LETTA - Chapter 6: A matter of conscience

posted: 12/11/2009 6:17 a.m. Comments 3

Jackie Cooney never gave up hope that her daughter Carmeletta Green was alive.

‘We couldn’t figure out how it could not be her.’

posted: 12/11/2009 5:19 a.m. Discuss

Amy Upshaw, a general assignment reporter for this newspaper’s state desk, first saw Carmeletta Green’s photograph six years ago while looking through old newspaper clippings.

LOSING ’LETTA - Chapter 5: A brother’s quest

posted: 12/10/2009 6:44 a.m. Comments 3

Carmeletta Green’s younger brother Orlando left Arkansas at age 17 for the military, but his sister’s memory chased him wherever he went.

LOSING ’LETTA - Chapter 4: A skeleton offers hope

posted: 12/09/2009 6:06 a.m. Comment 1

On Aug. 19, 1991, two cable workers surveying land off Archwood Park Road for future expansion stumbled upon the skeletal remains of what turned out to be a little girl.

LOSING ’LETTA - Chapter 3: A lack of evidence stalls case

posted: 12/08/2009 6:10 a.m. Comments 2

The morning 12-year-old Carmeletta Green disappeared, Kenneth Cooney agreed to let Little Rock police detective Larry Dunnington search his car.

LOSING ’LETTA - Chapter 2: A mother’s certainty

posted: 12/07/2009 5:30 a.m. Comments 2

Second in a series In the early morning hours of Sept. 11, 1982, Jackie Cooney told Little Rock police she had no doubt that her ex-husband, Kenneth Cooney, had abducted her oldest daughter, Carmeletta Green.

LOSING 'LETTA - Chapter 1: A mother’s nightmare

posted: 12/06/2009 7:05 a.m. Discuss

Jacqueline “Jackie” Cooney stepped into her car, shut the door, then turned to watch her five children as they played in the yard of the family’s Little Rock home.

About the Carmeletta Series

posted: 12/06/2009 4:40 a.m. Comment 1

As part of a six-month investigation, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette interviewed 38 people and reviewed dozens of court and police documents to tell Carmeletta Green’s story.






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