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Updated 3:04 p.m., Tue September 18, 2018

Gary Paxson

White River Health System successor CEO loves community health

Gary Paxson knew as a young child that he wanted to work in the medical field. However, when he finished nursing school in 1994, he had no idea he’d end up in Arkansas as the head of a medical system. Paxson, 46, was recently named the successor CEO of the White River Health System, based in Batesville. He has been employed with White River since 2012, working his way up the administration ladder. “I’ve made the statement many times that if you told me in nursing school what I’d be doing 24 years later, I probably would have laughed at you,” Paxson said. “It wasn’t on my ra... READ MORE

Gina Quattlebaum: New Cabot Chamber coordinator enjoys serving the community By MARK BUFFALO

When the Cabot Chamber of Commerce decided to reorganize and hire a membership and events coordinator, Gina Quattlebaum jumped at the opportunity.